Awakening To Your Multidimensional Reality

The following is taken from the preface to Suzan Caroll's book Reconstructing Reality, a free download from her Multidimensions web site. It's a quick and simple reminder about our changing reality, and how what we do - the decisions we make - affect us in many lifetimes .. both positively and negatively. Truly in our day to day interactions with the world and each other we are either helping or hindering our own growth.

That could be frightening news. If you're tempted to feel this information as fearful, remember that just because you've been blind to the fact during this (and many) lifetimes, doesn't mean it hasn't always been true. Take this moment to appreciate yourself for who you've been, unaware of the ramifications, and if necessary, recommit to being the best You that you can be in any moment. It might be worth remembering that you already are that, despite your (our) many ups and downs!

From the Preface to Reconstructing Reality, by Suzan Caroll

Most of you in the third dimension do not remember that you have volunteered to take on your current life. However, as each of you begins to awaken to your true Selves, you remember your life “in between” death and birth, other third dimensional realities, and lives on the higher dimensions. These other realities are actually occurring all at the same moment in different space-time coordinates. With the assistance of your fifth dimensional self, also known as your Soul, you can act as a “Higher Self” to these other third and fourth dimensional realities.

The fourth dimension is known as the Astral Plane. It is the plane of reality one octave above the third dimensional, physical world. The fourth dimension is the realm of dreams, [and in physicality] imagination, psychic ability, intuition, and creativity. The Gateway to the fourth dimension is opened through your unconscious and super conscious minds. Shaman, medicine men and women, true spiritual leaders and artists have been accessing the powers of the fourth dimension and using them in the third dimension since the beginning of “time.”

The fifth dimension is a spiritual plane and is one octave above the fourth. It is a dimension beyond polarity, separation, limitation, matter, and time or space. Therefore, your fifth dimensional bodies are androgynous, simultaneously male and female, and made of Light. Some have called it the Soul Plane or Heaven. On this plane of existence all inhabitants live in the Unity of the Oness and the Hereness of the ever-present NOW.

Once you can be consciously aware of the higher dimensions while in your mundane, third dimensional reality you can begin to bring that awareness into your everyday life. However, first you must do your homework. The higher dimensions are only open to you if you are willing to put aside your “time” in pursuit of these higher worlds.

Exploration of the fourth dimension, however, is not always an enjoyable experience because the fourth dimension holds the sum total of all of your emotions and thoughts from all of your third and fourth dimensional lives.

Just as the murky water in a pond stays at the bottom and the clear, fresh water floats on the top; your unpleasant and painful memories lie on the floor of the fourth dimension—just beyond your third dimensional awareness. In order to cross the threshold into the higher worlds, you must be willing to face your history and clear a path through your accumulated fear and confusion. Then you can gain conscious access to your true multidimensional heritage.

All of you who have volunteered for this process of Awakening will have many initiations. These initiations are necessary to clear fear from your aura so that you can center your consciousness in Love. It is through the clearing of your aura, and therefore the aura of Mother Earth upon whom you live, that you will assist in the healing and ascension of the planet. When you view each of your “past lives,” you can assist these portions of your Self with the initiations of that life time. You can commune with them at the moment of decision within their initiation so that a resolution, which was not there before, can be accomplished.

When you remember your fifth dimensional SELF in the fifth dimension, you will have a direct view of the many lives that are being played out in the time and space of the physical world. In the fifth dimension there is no time or space. Therefore, you can view each alternate reality—no matter where, no matter when. As you view the important moments of decision in each life, you can guide that “self” to make these decisions from love and not from fear. At this junction of decision- making, the reality you are healing will split into reality/parallel-reality with one reality following fear and the other reality following love. Your “fear reality” will exist as a lesson; however, your Soul’s consciousness will be able to experience the “love reality” as well.

Once fear can be transformed into love in other realities, where it is easier to be objective, that transformation can more easily happen in your present reality. While you are learning this process of transmutation, it is best to move calmly and slowly throughout your day. In this way you can keep your consciousness clear and receptive to your higher guidance. This guidance will assist you in grounding into your present, physical self (life) the lessons that you have learned from your other selves (lives), thereby making it easier to see the ramifications of every action and reaction that you choose.

When you are falling into the mire of the third dimension, call on your higher guidance and it will throw you a lifeline. As your consciousness expands beyond the boundaries of your present physical self, you are freed from the limitations of the illusion of time. Just as you are the “future self” of your “past lives,” your higher guidance is the “future self” of your “present self.” Any corrections made in past lives are brought forward to your present reality and to your future self. Just as the computer adjusts the document when new information is input into a written paragraph, there are adjustments brought into future realities as you make changes in past or present ones.

Since time is actually radial, instead of linear, any improvements made in any reality sends a ripple of positive energy through all the other realities. Because of this ripple, healing a few focal lives can heal many other lives as well. Unfortunately, the law is true in the reverse, and any damage done to a few focal lives will also send a ripple of negativity through all your other lives.

Therefore, be careful. Any choice of action, or reaction, has ramifications far beyond what is apparent within that particular host life.

Your challenges are great, but the process of Awakening is joyous beyond your imagination. Allow your SELF to assist you in fulfilling the Mission for which you volunteered and to remember your higher consciousness.

For more information about this process, please see my Website at www.multidimensions.com.

Enjoy Your Journey

Suzan Caroll

Without actually saying so, Suzan reminds us that one of the most important jobs we have right now is to be kind to ourselves.

As we seem to "revisit" old hurts and fears in this reality, what we are really doing is experiencing that which still needs to be healed from our other aspects and other lifetimes.

Know and accept how really powerful you are as a creator, and continually love and forgive yourself for what you consider to be "transgressions" or "less than desirable" thoughts, words, or actions. YOU are the Soul-being to your other selves. Treat them with the kindness, appreciation, and respect that you would treat your children or your very best friends. Because in reality, that is who you are to your many selves.

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