Rediscovering Our Sovereignty

In this month's Shoud (Adamus® Saint-Germain channeled by Geoff Hoppe) from Crimson Circle Adamus talks - again - about our sovereignty, that is, our supreme power and authority over our own being. Sovereignty is not based on our ego, but based on our being. Each and every human being on the planet is a sovereign being, whether it appears that way or not, and whether any particular person is aware of it or not. That includes our families, our friends, our associates, our children, our bosses, our bankers, our senators, even our "enemies". It can be a hard concept to wrap one's mind around, but it's an important one.

Accepting yourself as a sovereign being - and living that way - is all about accepting full authority - and responsibility - for your life: your choices, your thoughts, your words, your actions. It's also about accepting authority and responsibility for what happens to you and around you.

It isn't necessarily easy, but if being a part of Earth and Humanity's ascension is what you seek - and it's unlikely you'd be drawn to this information if you weren't ;) - then accepting yourself, and everyone else, as a sovereign being is one of the most important things you can do. Not everyone is ready to accept the idea, or even contemplate it, but if you are one who is, a most glorious path of experience and excitement lies in front of you.

Accepting one's sovereignty also means staying focused in the Now, attending to what we are guided and inspired to do and allowing everyone else to do the same, whether we agree with their choices or not. It means living in harmony with the world around us, and keeping drama to a minimum.

Here's what Adamus had to say:
It is about your sovereignty. It is about your freedom. It is about your connection to the God that you already are. It doesn’t matter what anybody says, including me, including any other being, including some of the things that I see out there right now that you are passing along to others saying, “Hey, you gotta read this.” Really?! 

The guidelines: Does it provide a pathway to sovereignty?

If you’re going to pass along these other materials, stop for a moment. How did you feel when you read it? And drama doesn’t count! You say, “I got really excited and really scared and then I had to send it to everyone!”

Why?! Does it promote sovereignty? And does it promote freedom? And does it promote a return back to the free will that you’ve always had but you gave up a long time ago? Does it bring you back to yourself? Or does it put you out somewhere else? That’s the criteria. Whether I say it, whether anybody else [does], that is the criteria.
You are a child of god and god also. You are a sovereign being. And so is everyone else. Enjoy!

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