The New Children

Your Energetically Sensitive Child

from Jennifer Hoffman at Uriel Heals
May 30, 2011

I've talked about the energetically sensitive, empathic Crystal children and the new children beyond them who are highly sensitive and how to understand and manage their energy needs. There is a generation of children being born now and in the next five years who will be even more energetically sensitive and will need some extra special attention during their first few months of life because they will not do very well in density and caring for them will be challenging.

These are children who are not accustomed to living in density, some are not even used to being physical or on the earth, so their first few months will involve a lot of crying, upset stomachs, some problems with illness and infection and even skin problems like rashes. Many, if not most, of these new children will be from different dimensions and planets, who do not know how to exist in the density of the third dimension and being here is a shock to them. They are feeling the same kinds of physical issues that we do as we go through the process of releasing density and moving into higher dimensions of being. They are taking on density, lowering their vibrations and trying to manage energetic frequencies that are much lower than those they are accustomed to.

Many of these children are born to spiritually aware, older parents who are willing to give them the extra care and attention they need. Several kinds of crystals, such as amethyst and rose quartz, in their room or under their mattress, may help them balance their energies. Using aromatherapy is helpful (placed in their room, away from them and not on their skin), as is paying attention to who they are around because they easily absorb energy from others. And when they become overwhelmed energetically and it's time to give them some quiet time to settle down. They will be very selective about who holds and cares for them, and very vocal about their needs and when they need extra attention.

Why wouldn't they wait for a more inviting energetic environment? They here now so they can understand density before it's gone and help with the transition into higher dimensions of living. Their presence is confirmation of how close we are to this and by being aware of who they are and of their special and different needs we can help them transition into the world with less difficulty. They are a new light and way of being for the world and their presence is a blessing and a sign of times to come. If you have one of these children, be aware that what you may think of as a 'fussy' baby is one who is energetically overwhelmed and struggling with the vibrations they are trying to work with. Give them plenty of rest, watch their reactions to people around them and give them lots of love because that is the vibration they are most comfortable with.

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