Toxic Emotions

As you begin to enter into the multidimensional perspective you will begin to see that the most toxic “chemicals” you subject the Earth to are your emotions. The war you create is absolutely devastating. The more anger, fear, and hatred, the more limitation and lack you create. That is far more damaging to the Earth than any chemical you could pump into the air.

Wendy Kennedy, Higher Frequencies, from the article Global Warming.

The idea that it matters what we think, what we feel, what we say, how we behave, is becoming more and more crucial. If it seems I'm spending a lot of energy posting about this topic .. well .. I am! (see my previous post Cleaning Up After Ourselves - Emotions and Empowerment.) But it's not without reason. Time is running out, literally, on our ability to spew emotions without being aware of the impact they have on ourselves, the environment, and everyone around us. Now is the time to be becoming aware of what drives us unconsciously, and bring that into conscious awareness.

That doesn't mean "watch-dogging" ourselves, or putting restrictions on our thoughts, words, or activities. All that's needed is to become aware of what we're thinking, aware of what we're saying, aware of how we're acting.

When we become aware, we automatically begin adjusting. So when you notice a way of being - a thought, word, action, or feeling - that doesn't fit with who you want to be - who you know yourself to be! simply notice. No judgement, no recrimination, no guilt .. just notice.

In the noticing you stop, and like the ball thrown into the air that pauses ever so slightly at the top of its arc before gravity pulls it down, that little stop is all you need. It allows you to breath, to gather yourself together, to stand back from the current situation. It gives you that tiny foot in the door to choosing differently. The future changes in that instant, that tiny instant where you paused at the top of your "upset arc". So simply take that opportunity to choose differently. How would you like your experience to be? Set an intent for that, and let whatever happens, happen.

It might be that you're caught up in a very strong pattern of behavior, so it might take many iterations of noticing, stopping, breathing, and rechoosing before it begins to manifest differently. Be patient with yourself! You didn't set these patterns into motion in one sitting (in fact you might be dealing with lifetimes worth of patterns), they might not clear up in one sitting. Then again, they may! These are amazing times, and like never before in the history of mankind, anything and everything is possible. Give yourself some of that compassion that you give so freely to others. Your "Self" will thank you!

As you begin being more aware of your thoughts, "choosing" differently by directing your thoughts toward what you want and not what you don't want, remember that this applies to the Earth as well. Wendy and the Pleiadians had more to say in their Global Warming article about Earth and how we can help her:

It is important at this time that you begin to look at your connection to all living things and how you utilize the natural resources of the planet. Are your habits in harmony with Mother Earth? Consumption of natural resources is not the cause of a toxic world. The toxicity is created when you are not consuming in balance with other living creatures.
As you question the best method to heal your planet, know that perceiving your world as toxic and working externally keeps you in the 3rd dimensional mindset. Until you begin to see the situation from a multidimensional perspective, you will remain on the treadmill forever striving for a goal that is unachievable. And it is unachievable until you can shift your perspective and see that the Earth is a reflection of you and you begin to heal yourself.

When you understand that Earth is simply a reflection of your inner emotional state as a group, as a mass consciousness, you can change the toxicity of the Earth by changing the toxicity of your own body. Currently, there are many beings on your planet who are quite ill and Earth is a reflection of that. You are holographic in nature. What happens to the microcosm happens to the macrocosm. Or simply put – as above, so below.

It is also important that you begin to see your world as flourishing. She is teeming with new life and opportunity. It is vital that you see her as healthy and in a state of growth rather than something that is ill that must be fixed. This notion of illness can be very detrimental to the psyche of the planet. The more you think of Earth as a toxic world, the more toxic a world you will create. You create that which you are focused on.

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