On Integrating Experiences, and Mass Ascension

When you place yourself firmly in the driver’s seat of Creation, you determine what occurs to you. It doesn’t happen upon you. As you hold more light and release fear, those of lower frequencies must match your frequency to be in your presence. Only through a vibrational match will you recreate the persecution*, and in so doing, allow yourself an opportunity to see why you created it, how it was of service, and release judgment thus integrating the experience.

From Allowing Yourself to Be Seen, by Ramshi through Wendy Kennedy at Higher Frequencies.

* [or whatever your personal issue is]

In this piece, Ramshi reminds us that none of us is a victim, ever, no matter how much it looks like - or feels like - we are. Whatever "good" things happen to us are because we desired to experience them and allowed them into our lives. By the same token, whatever "bad" things happen to us are because we desired to experience them and allowed them into our lives.

Now why on earth, we might ask, would we invite "bad" things into our lives? Especially at the levels of being that we are becoming? We keep accepting and clearing, accepting and clearing. Why aren't things (life) getting easier?

Because on a spirit level (which if you recall, is the basis of our being) we choose to experience all of what physical reality (any reality really) has to offer. That has been the case since spirit began incarnating as a human species however many millenia ago that started. What's different now is that we're taking this race through ascension - bringing the race as a whole into a completely new level of vibration and awareness, that of the 4th and 5th density and beyond.

The race of man held these higher vibrations at earlier times, such as during Lemuria and Atlantis, but after that our mass vibration lowered, which means that Earth, as our host, was lower in vibration also. Now it's time for Earth to return to a more natural state. Earth's ascension at this time is a cosmic event, mapped out in the alignment of the stars. Which means that Earth will raise her vibration and eventually no longer be a third density planet; that is not in question. The question is, will the race of man go with her?

A favorable outcome to that question was never guaranteed, and indeed for most of our history it looked like it could never happen. If you examine just our relatively short written history you'll see why that was so. What we have done to each other, to our beloved Earth, and to the creatures and things upon her has been - in many cases - unspeakable. Sometimes a third density reality is not a fun place. Nevertheless, it has been humanity's intent to raise in vibration as a mass consciousness. Now is the time we're finally doing it.

That is, in fact, why you are here, at this momentous point in time - to help ensure the success of that intent. Take a moment to let that sink in. If that doesn't give you a sense of how important you are, just in being here, just in being who you are, no matter how paltry you think your life is or has been, I don't know what will.

So although it seems like business as usual on planet Earth - or worse than usual - something very important is going on here, something that most humans don't understand: Never has the race of man raised to higher vibrations from 3rd density. Individuals have done so, but never the mass consciousness. And never in all of creation has a third density free-choice species raised the entire race from third density at the same time as their planet. We humans are doing that very thing, right here, right now. This is a huge big deal. This is cause for celebration around our universe, but we don't seem to get it. We are, in truth, keeping ourselves away from our own party! .. but only because we don't yet remember - fully - Who We Really Are.

There were a lot of perceived negative experiences for spirit-as-human, both individually and as a race, along the road that took us from those high vibrations to lower ones. Note that this is not a "bad" thing. We chose our experiences then, as we choose them now. Still, with our goal of moving up the vibrational scale, those experiences (fear, anger, resentment, blame, guilt, etc. and the actions we associate with those emotions) whether they originated in this lifetime or another, have to be - must be - integrated into our being before the race can move on.

So each of us as individuals, is working - on mostly unaware levels - to become consciously aware of these old thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, patterns, so that we can integrate them into our being. Integration is what many call "healing our emotional wounds". Same idea, different words. I refer to it as "integration" because we are integrating those aspects of our personality that we have pretended did not exist. Pretended them out of existence because we think we can't face them. "No!" we protest. "I couldn't, I wouldn't have done that on my own, they made me!" This is such a hard topic for most people. We all want to believe that we are not powerful enough to create our personal reality. Someone, somewhere, must be doing something to us, because trust me (we say), if I were that powerful I would not create this! Oh but you are. And you do. And no, what we create isn't always pretty.

Why is that? Because we all have a "dark" side. The dark side is just our human word for what we term "negative experience." No being is without "negative" experience. One simply cannot fully experience anything without seeing both sides. We all understand that when it comes to physical things - we know that we don't look at anything and fully comprehend it until we see all sides of it. The same is true of the experiences of consciousness. Facing that we have a "dark side", that we have knowingly and willingly had negative experiences, is part of the process.

So over the many years of human history we had all these different experiences, both as individuals and as a race. Some good, some awesome, some not so good, some truly despicable. All these experiences have to be integrated. The awesome ones integrate pretty easily. We mostly (not always) accept our wonderful experiences and intend to have more of them.

It's generally the negative experiences that we don't want to accept. The times when we got hurt and decided we'd never do that again, whatever that was that caused us pain. The times when we abused our wealth and swore never again to have money. The times when we raped, plundered, murdered for whatever (in retrospect) ridiculous reason we decided we needed to do that (anger, revenge, fear, greed). The times when we felt so powerless that we abused our power in an effort to compensate. Or the times when these kinds of things were perpetrated against us, and we decided whatever we decided in an effort to protect ourselves.

Fear, anger, rage, revenge, abuse, greed .. all of these are very natural responses for a human being caught up in a third density "play". Which we were. Now we aren't. That's the difference between "then" and "now", and that difference is huge. Then we were fully engaged in the human drama. And it wasn't always bad! There's a lot to love about a third density reality, for what it teaches us about ourselves. But we're done with that game now, it's time to move on. Time to stand apart from the drama, recognize our experiences as our creation, accept them, embrace them, and let them go. Let them go so we can begin to create consciously, fully aware. So we can create what we want and no longer what we do not want. Our experiences are not who we are, only what we did or what we decided, and that distinction is all important. Until we understand that, we'll be stuck on auto-pilot, endlessly recreating the same old stuff.

So these old experiences, the ones that aren't fully integrated, are visiting us again. In all honesty we are bringing them about. We are creating situations in our lives that highlight these experiences that need to be integrated, and some of them are really unpleasant. Sometimes unspeakably awful. We're driving ourselves crazy trying to understand why these things are happening, without the knowing that sometimes they aren't going to make sense. There isn't a lot of time left on our ascension calendar. We have to get these experiences integrated and move on. As we clear one we grow and our base vibration rises. At the same time we free up space to tackle the next one.

Another great thing happens as we integrate our experiences, one that we mostly aren't aware of: Not only do we benefit as individuals, the whole of humanity benefits. We are all connected. We know that at very deep levels, and yet we constantly forget. So what the one learns, all learn. As you raise your vibration, all of humanity benefits. Never - not ever - think that you don't matter. You do. Enormously.

One of the problems in handling all these experiences coming at us is that we don't get much breathing room between them. Another is that we don't understand where these negative experiences are coming from and why. We often don't understand why we react the way we do. Where and why aren't important - accepting experiences as our own creation is. That is all important. Accept that you created whatever experience you are having, whether you like the experience or not, whether you like your reaction or not. No blame, no guilt, no judgement. "It just is." "I just am." Those are the keys to integration.

So for each incident that has us feeling like a victim "He did that to me!" "They made me do it!" "I didn't ask for this!" "Why me?" "She shouldn't have .." we have an opportunity to - once and for all - accept that we are not a victim at all. We have an opportunity to begin to see each experience for what it is - another chance to recognize our personal powers of creation, to accept and love ourselves no matter what, to recognize that there are still things from our "past" that may need to be acknowledged and cleared. That's what integration is. It's accepting ourselves, and everything that happens to us, without judgement. Embracing "it just is" as the response to every emotional "why" question we can ask.

Tall order? Of course it is, we'd expect it to be. At the higher vibrations manifestation is instantaneous. Having access to manifesting our thoughts and beliefs instantaneously brings a fair share of responsibility, wouldn't you say? But we are all up to the task. We wouldn't be here going through this if we weren't. It just requires diligence and the willingness to be brutally honest with ourselves about our experiences.

Feel what you feel when confronted with your living nightmares (my term for those negative experiences we can't believe we're creating), then step back into the higher heart/higher mind and try to see the experience for what it is. Have compassion for the human being (you) who's experiencing this unpleasant thing, offer love and understanding to that human who suffers. Embrace the experience as your creation, then let it go. Assign no blame, either to another or to yourself. Remember "It Just Is."

There are numerous ways to do this, you may already have techniques that work for you. If not, a teacher that I recommend is Jim Self at Mastering Alchemy. Jim offers a slew of both free and for-cost programs. His basic energy tools, like the Rose Tool, help you learn how to release and neutralize negative energy, something that will help you integrate your experiences and be able to detach from the drama, your own and everyone else's. (Note a change in the Mastering Alchemy website, registration is now required for access to even the free programs.)

After acceptance and integration, then what? The answer is: Choice. Once we are able to stand apart from the drama that is our experience, we gain the ability to choose what to do next. More on that next post. In the meantime, remember always that you matter. That you are loved. And that you are never alone.

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