Embracing 10-10-10

As we celebrate this momentous day in our countdown to 2012, we are all experiencing great change, both in our private lives and as a community and a world. There are so many things we want to see change, but in order to invoke change, the old has to go.

We can wish that the new would come and allow us to simply let go of the old easily, out of the excitement of the new. But that's not generally how it goes. Most often we are being asked to give up the old without being able to see the new, and that can be terrifying. It's that very feeling of not knowing, of fear, of upset, guilt, shame, the feelings of not being able to trust in the future, that needs to be surfaced and released.

Trust in your Self that you wouldn't be inviting upsetting things into your life if there wasn't something to learn from them, and what there is to learn is so simple we can't even grasp it: all is well in all of creation, and all is well with you. No matter what things look like on the surface, know that right now, in this moment, all is well.

Jennifer Hoffman of Uriel Heals offered this message of hope. She invites us to treat this like a new beginning in all ways.
There is a law of physics which states that two things cannot occupy the same space at the same time. And this is so true of endings and beginnings. When we ask for something new, it takes the place of something that already exists. So we have to release the old to make room for the new. That's easy enough to do when it's something we do not care about but when it is important to us, the ending has become personal, a testimonial of who we are and a sign that we failed or lost. Allowing it to end means that a part of us ends too and if we are not ready to detach from it, let it go or have judgments then our endings will be quite disruptive and painful.

On this date and on future dates like it, for there will be more waves of the energy of new beginnings as more shifts occur, we open more energetic portals and step into higher dimensions, we will be asked to make room for new beginnings by allowing endings to occur. Are we as open to the ending as we are the beginning?

Along with any new beginning that you experience on October 10, 2010 and afterwards, give yourself the gift of an ending. This could be an actual ending, a symbolic ending or an affirmation to release something that you know does not serve you. Could you be more confident, positive, happy, grateful, self assured, or loving or appreciative of yourself? Imagine the ending as the closing door that allows the new beginning to enter.

If you want to be more confident or successful, release any guilt, shame or other blocks that prevent you from expressing your full potential.

To be happy, close the door on an unhappy experience that you hold in your memory.

To create love, be grateful for every unloving teacher you have had, for their purpose was to help you find love within yourself.

To know your new life purpose, embrace where you are in this moment and everything you have learned.

To be at peace, be grateful for every experience of chaos and that you have the power to choose the energies that manifest in your life.

Embrace your new potential as you give yourself the gift of the endings that make beginnings possible.

Many blessings in these amazing, miraculous times.

Jennifer Hoffman
I couldn't agree more. So right now, in this moment, embrace the feeling that all is well, then carry that feeling into your next moment, and the next. At any point when you are feeling less than whole, less than happy, less than vital, remember that all is well. That you are loved. And that you are never alone.

Have a wonderful 10-10-10 .. have a wonderful life!

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