YOU Make A Difference

One person, standing alone in that centered place of peace and power within, is far more powerful than millions standing together in anger, bitterness, and hate.

(Chief Joseph / John Cali)

Not that this quote needs elaboration, but they went on to say:
One person! You can be that person.

Every thought you think, every word you utter, every deed you do has a powerful effect on, first of all, yourselves. But it also affects, positively or negatively, those immediately around you and far beyond that immediate circle.

Now, with the study John talked about [Science Daily, March 10, 2010], you even have a bit of scientific evidence as to how powerful each of you is.

Take some time to think about that. Perhaps do a bit of reevaluating what you habitually think, say, and do -- often without full conscious awareness.

You are all powerful beings of light. The energy you radiate through your thoughts, words, and deeds does indeed ripple out to the farthest reaches of your planet and the universe.

You are that powerful, friends. Use your power wisely, as you imagine God would.

For you also are God.
See John and Chief Joseph's full article here.

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