The Importance of Stillness

We lead such busy busy lives that we forget to stop and center ourselves and listen to our guidance from within. In these times as never before, the value of quieting our minds cannot be overrated.

The following comes from our friends Alexandra Mahlimay & Dan Bennack at Joy & Clarity. For the full message go here.

The Importance of Stillness

Imagine that you are in a large concert hall, and that you have come to listen to the world's greatest violinist play your favorite piece of music. You have always been inspired by this composition, and the virtuoso player on stage can perform it, as no one else can do. What a treat and what a privilege it is to be here tonight. All that is required of you is to sit quietly, close your eyes, open your heart, and listen to the exquisite sounds that penetrate the air.

Now imagine that instead of appreciating the importance of silent attention at this time, everyone in the concert hall is making noise. They are talking to their neighbors; they are talking on their cell phones; they are chewing gum, coughing loudly, sneezing, and otherwise making it impossible to hear the performance on stage.

Your moment of inspiration has been ruined.

So what is the point of this little example? Simply this...

Listening to the sound of your Soul, is like listening to the music of an accomplished violinist in a concert hall. Just because the violinist is playing, doesn't mean you will automatically hear the music. First of all, the environment in the concert hall must be quiet, if you are to hear anything at all. Secondly, you must pay attention. Yes, you must pay attention.

In the stillness of your being, you are able to hear the sweet sound of inspiration that your Soul is sending to you all the time. But if your mind is cluttered with worry, and your life is overcrowded with drama, your heart will find it difficult to perceive the music.

In Stillness, Right Action Is Born

It is especially important to reach a place of stillness before acting on anything important in your life. All of you have had experiences making impulsive decisions, and taking actions that you have later regretted. But your regret does not come from the unexpected outcomes of your actions. It comes from an inner recognition that you did not listen to the One Guide, your Soul, that was giving you wise and compassionate counsel all along.

Always remember to listen to the voice of your Divinity. It is there to support you. When you empty the mind of worry and anxiety, and release the need for drama in your life, you leave room for only one authentic sound to be heard – that is the sound of your Soul.

When your Soul speaks to you, it comes through very noticeably. It is crystal clear. It may be a feeling; it may be words; it may be the synchronicity of an encounter with a friend. But when it happens, you are not only able to listen, – you are also able to understand the Divine Energies that are being transmitted to you. They penetrate you, and you will find yourself acting upon these words in a way that feels inherently right to you.

The action that you take, will be action driven by clear thinking and joyful feeling. It will not be subject to your worries and confusion, your fluctuating emotions, or the unpredictable drama in your life. In your moments of quiet stillness, you will discover the inwardly-focused attention that you need to hear the Inspiration of your Soul. And this is what will propel your actions in a direction that feels right for you.

When your actions are driven by clear thoughts and joyful feelings, you will also find yourself accomplishing everything with greater ease, – and in a flow that you couldn't possibly achieve otherwise. Confused thoughts and fluctuating emotions only disturb the heart, and make the accomplishment of any task or purposeful activity seem slow and arduous.

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