Blessings Are Everywhere

Finding Truth in Blessings

Have you received a blessing today? Have you received your heart's desire, abundance, a miracle or the answer to a prayer? These are the blessings you know and appreciate but there are other blessings that are more difficult to understand, such as honoring someone's choice to separate from you, being removed from a situation that does not honor you, releasing a belief, attitude or thought, or seeing through an illusion. Each of these is also a blessing that brings you closer to the truth of your being, although you may not consider yourself very blessed by their presence.

Every aspect of your life holds blessings but when you judge them as being good or bad, helpful or not, you miss the value of the lessons they have to teach you. To be blessed is to gain in wisdom and understanding, which may appear in the form of lessons that reveal fear and powerlessness. These are just as important as those blessings which bring you joy, what you desire and miracles. Each blessing holds its own truth for you and all blessings enlighten your journey.

The lessons in which you find your power, reconnect to your wisdom and learn to balance your energies are the ones that serve as your most powerful blessings. They are the ones that lead you to your truth and help release the blocks to the abundant and joyful living you desire. But they are also the ones that cause you the greatest hardship, whose learning requires the release of energies you have moved beyond but may still be connected to and that you see yourself in your full power and divinity.

If you will see each person, situation and event in your life as a blessing you will begin to see the patterns of healing, the movement of the energies and the ways in which you can be guided to the understanding you seek on your healing journey. Release your need to be in judgment of any situation as good or bad and instead, seek the truth it holds for you. Then you will find the wisdom and understand that are the true blessings of your journey, which will lead you to release, peace and transformation.

With thanks and appreciation to Jennifer Hoffman at Uriel Heals for this message from Uriel.

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