How to Make Yourself Miserable

Sounds odd doesn't it? Here we have articles about well being, happiness, joy, abundance, love .. yet today we lead with an article entitled "How to Make Yourself Miserable". In our quest for joy, why would we want to look at such things?

Because, sadly, too often we go around making ourselves, not to mention those around us, miserable all the time! Mostly without even knowing it, or realizing that we are.

Thanks to Gina Lake of Radical Happiness for the following reminder that if the ways we create misery for ourselves seem unlimited, the ways that we can be happy must be just as unlimited!


by Gina Lake

- Think about all the things other people have that you don't have (a relationship, a nice home, a new car, a great job, children, a thin body, perfect health, lots of money, success, popularity, beauty, fun, sex, etc.) and imagine how happy they are and how happy you would be if you had what they have. Daydream about what your life should look like.

- Keep a running mental list of your "problems," shortcomings, and how you and your life don't measure up and what you should do about it. Then make this the central topic of your conversation with others.

- Think about what happened in the past that made you upset - and talk about it.

- Go over past conversations you've had and draw conclusions about how that person or persons see you or you see them.

- Think about everything you have to do.

- Have an opinion about everything.

- Notice what you don't like.

- Think about other people and talk about them.

- Think about yourself and how your life is going.

- Think of all the things that could go wrong and all of the terrible things that have happened to other people.

- Spend a lot of time looking at yourself in the mirror.

- Set goals for yourself and your life and wait until you achieve them to be happy.

- Be too busy to let yourself rest, play, do something you enjoy, or do nothing, except maybe watch TV.

Can you find other things to add to this list? How do you make yourself miserable?

How do we make ourselves happy? Don't do the things on the above list.

Happiness is our natural state, and when we stop doing what makes us unhappy, we are naturally happy!


Sherry said...

One of my favorite truths is that happiness and bliss are our natural states; we really have to work at being miserable. Although to really know happiness we have to experience sadness. I enjoyed this post and hope that I avoid all of the habits in your list above. I would love your feedback on any of the posts on my blog Daily Spiritual Tools. Namaste, Sherry

Kathelena said...

Sherry, that's so true! All there is to do is remember that happiness, abundance, and joy are our true states of being to bring them forward into our present reality. Thanks for stopping by to share your thoughts and your loving energy. I'm glad you found something here of interest! Love the title of your blog, I'm excited to stop by and see what you're up to. Much love and gentle ease .. ~K