Joy and Appreciation, It's All There Is To Do

I want to share with y'all this very important and powerful message from a local teacher and healer, Jan Engels Smith at LightSong Healing Center. Though I did not recieve it directly from Jan as I'm not a student of hers, it was passed along to me from a dear friend. It's one of the most hard-hitting messages I've ever heard, and absolutely appropriate as we sit in the energy of 11-11-11.

As you read along you might be tempted to think she's talking about burying your head in the sand. She's not.

She's talking about accepting, fully and completely, that we create our own reality, and we do it with our thoughts and beliefs. We do this for ourselves as individuals, and we do it together as a community, as a world, as a galaxy, and as a Universe. We are all in this together. Let us remind ourselves, and each other, that in every moment we are creating the next moment and the next and the next. It can be however we want it to be, but it takes diligence and it takes all of us. It can, and should, be joyful!

The next time you want to 'go there' with someone's drama, ask yourself if you want to continue seeing more of it. If you don't, find another way to view the situation, or bookmark it and come back to the thought when you have a better ability to 'see the big picture'.

In your moments of upset, find something, anything, to appreciate, and follow that string of appreciation until the drama no longer holds your attention. Then smile that inner knowing smile that appreciates YOU for the effort you make to find joy in each and every moment. Together we can change the world. We are doing it already.

Greetings dear ones~

Thank you for joining us last night for the Regalia Party.

As I said last night ISIS usually likes to join in on discussions and she kept me up most of the night filling in her insights to most of the questions posed from the audience. I would like to share a few of them with you.

Many of the questions last night stemmed with disaster, fear, or suffering.

The events of Fort Hood in Texas
Why is their suffering?

Isis’ request is that you take a moment and list the feelings that you have around these questions or topics on a piece of paper. Do this before you read any further.


If you have on your list anything that describes:
Compassion which is mixed with sympathy, sorrow, pain, hurt or a heavy heart

If ANY of these feeling are being broadcasted by you – you are contributing to the problem. In fact you are creating events such as these to happen.

All of these feelings are a low frequency vibration that don’t heal, they cause more of the problem. Worry begets worry, fear begets fear, sorrow begets sorrow, sympathy begets sympathy, anger begets anger, horror begets horror, and grief begets grief.

If you want something to be different then YOU need to be different, you need to feel differently about a situation. Many of you will say, but how can I feel good/ appreciative/ or joy about these things?

Maybe you can’t. Then don’t focus on them. Don’t bring them into your consciousness, talk about them, or ask questions about them. As soon as you bring them into your consciousness and feel bad about them you are contributing to them.

Instead, concentrate on the things that bring you joy. Appreciate things, feel gratitude, love life, celebrate the goodness. If YOU would ONLY concentrate on appreciation, gratitude or love you will add improvement to the other situations, in fact you will add so much improvement to them they will stop happening.

Isis said last night that we are all responsible for these events. We can also all be the change and the solution for them. But this will ONLY HAPPEN when YOU decide to ONLY stay in the higher vibrational emotions of joy, pleasure, happiness, peace, contentment, appreciation, gratitude, love, passion, positive expectations and other ones of this nature.

You are the creator beings that walk the planet. This is the new awareness, the awakening, the prophecy of the ages. What you see is your own creation. NOT someone else’s. It is yours. You are in charge. Each of you can change the world single handedly.

The other question that Isis answered through the night was the question about ego.

What is it and how do we control it?

At this time in our evolution the ego is like a young teenager on hormonal surges.

How many of you thought about something different than your surroundings last night?

That is the ego.

Every thought that you have about the past, something that happened, an OPINION of what IS happening, something that is going to happen, is the EGO. The ego has gotten out of control because YOU have let it. It now controls your life and has given you a diluted version of yourself. It is concerned about what has happened, what is going to happen. What happened in Fort Hood, what is happening in Afghanistan? That is all ego. It robs you of your joy by thinking there is sometime more important to think about than the present moment of life. As if there could be anything more important than the amazing miracle of the physical pleasure of the senses.

Even if the ego can tap into the senses and the exquisiteness of life it then worries that it won’t last or someone will take it away or that it might DIE sometime. The ego even believes in DEATH, LOSS, or possibly not existing. It will do anything is can to distract you from the present moment. If you can’t identify with your TRUE SELF, the unwounded, exquisite, brilliant, radiant being that you are, then your ego is in control. When you learn to transcend the ego and move back into your place of TRUE SELF you will be at total peace and so will the WORLD!!!

This is the “new age” that is predicted. The NEW AGE is YOU. We will get there when people such as you decide to spend each moment of everyday feeling good. Appreciation, Gratitude and Love are your tools.

Thank you,


Thank you Jan!

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