From Kryon - A Reminder of Our Magnificence

The following snippet was taken from the latest Kryon channel called "The History of DNA and the Human Race" given August 29, 2009 in Portland, OR.

I think it's a great reminder that, despite how tragic our world can look at times, how confusing and illogical and upsetting, we are into a new era. Focus on what you want to see and gradually we will see it—first in our lives and then in the world at large. It's an exciting time to be alive, and as Kryon continually reminds us, we wouldn't want to miss this for the world!

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The lineage and history of DNA started from a precious creation that was appropriate, with the integrity of the angelic realm, and anointed with a sacred purpose. Through free choice, it declined as Humans accepted a lower consciousness state. Mythology is filled with dramatic stories of the “fall of mankind,” but there were no devils involved, only the process of free choice within humanity.

You sit in a shift. You sit in an age you call New Age, but it isn’t new. Instead, it is a remembrance of the ancient knowledge, and the ways of Lemuria. It is, therefore, a return to a Lemurian state, and it’s about time. This is what you call the new energy, and the shift is upon you that allows for gifts to begin a slow and purposeful enhancement of consciousness on this planet. But as we have discussed, it must start within your own DNA.

Oh, Human Being, listen to me: This is the crux of why you’re here. It is what we teach in this day, that the DNA, that quantum sacred part of you, is laying there ready to be enhanced with your pure intent. All that Kryon brought in magnetic service to you was to service this planet in a way where the magnetics could shift and communicate to your DNA.

This new communication is a result of the 1987 Harmonic Convergence and the combination of moving into a new Gaia energy that the Galactic Alignment is creating. It gives the potentials of a return to a state that you deserve… a Lemurian state of awareness, a state where war is not an option and health is intuitive. The Mayans spoke of it! This is the highest vibration that Gaia has ever seen, and you sit in the ramp-up of it all. This was their 2012 information, and it is not taught that way by many.

Bring Human consciousness to match that vibration and your DNA will start to increase in its efficiency. It will begin to be quantum again. You’re going to start to see it in many ways and we’ve spoken of this as well. Look for the signs that Humans are evolving. This evolvement process is starting with what you have called the Indigo children. These children of new consciousness are very different, did you notice? It’s all about how much of the quantum DNA they are using, in contrast to how linear you are!

The clash between the quantum and the linear has only just begun! If you think there are issues now with the new children, just wait until they have their children! Humans are changing.

 Within this “New Age,” you are potentially bringing back an original energy, slowly, that was designed for today. It is time for you to return to the quantum state, which is the spiritual state that the Pleiadians gave to you, and it starts now.

At the moment, you fight a battle on the earth between old and new energy and the new energy is winning. Make no mistake that the old energy will be with you for some time. It continues to create issues that you see as problems, but are actually a “quantum clean-up.” As you clean up your economy, and you’re not done, you will see the ways of a new paradigm of being, of structuring, but it’s going to take some time. Do not fear what it will do, for it will emerge just like you knew it would emerge… one of the strongest on Earth, filled with integrity. It will potentially represent a new paradigm that makes sense for a new age. Count on that, and Indigo adults will help you to design it. New concepts will leap over existing thought, and bring a revolution in the way life can be on the planet.

All this is part of a Human evolvement in consciousness that you can see in your DNA. [You ask] “Kryon, is a scientist going to be able to put this under a microscope and see it?” No. Regardless of what you have been told, they will not see a change in DNA. The current microscope is 3D.

So I say to the scientists this: When you develop the quantum lens, you will see it, for you will actually see the chemistry in the 90% random areas. It will glow under the influence of the quantumness and you will know I’m right. Then it will change colors with the activations you are creating and you will be able to see and track it. But at the moment, you have no quantum lens. There is no device for measuring the quantumness of the Universe that exists on the planet, but you’re getting close. And when you do, the first revelation can be seen within your own biology.

Here is another hint: Continue to examine things in an entangled state, for this is the beginning of the true quantum state that you can alter with 3D technology.

These are the things we wish to bring you today, and these are the things of the teaching for the day. All through this, we’ve been hugging you. Why do we bring these things to you? Why do we care? Because as family, you are beginning to discover a great secret… that your core souls are related to the Universe, and that your Higher-Selves are angelic and forever. Humanity is beginning to come full circle.

Very slowly, and through the next three lifetimes, you may actually create a new earth. These are the potentials we told you about 20 years ago. You wouldn’t have missed this, dear Human Being. You are reading this because of it. You are part of the solution to peace on Earth. I know you.

There will be a certain percentage of those reading and listening who, in these next years, will come see me. There will be a transition that is not new to you. It is a life transition that is appropriate and beautiful. For an old soul, it’s something you’ve done many times, so many you can’t even count. And you will come back to the planet after that, and then you will come back yet again, because you’re not going to miss this! You’ve spent eons working on this planet, and you’re not going to miss this.

This is the shift you have asked for, that you’ve waited for, and that you have prayed for. Many in this room will live out their normal lives, but are coming back with a higher level of DNA efficiency than you left with. We’ll say it again. If you wish to see Human evolution, watch these Indigo children. For they are going to develop into an even more frustrating group than they are now! And some of YOU will be THEM, when you return.

[Kryon smile]

I wouldn’t say these things unless they were accurate and true. See the clarity of the channel today. Feel in your own innate sense the truth of it all. Be aware that you are dearly loved. It is the reason we are here.

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