The 11-sided You

You Are Multi-Dimensional

Steve Rother and 'the group' had an interesting channel for November. You can find the full channel here, but the idea they were focusing on was the multi-dimensional quality of our lives.

They used the analogy of an eleven-sided coin, like the Canadian loonie (pictured below), to depict the idea that we are one soul with 11 different human focuses. We each have 11 'lives', or incarnations, all happening at the same time.

It's an interesting analogy because you can think of your Self (or Soul) as the coin, and each of the 11 sides as a window into a different life. Each window (life) has it's game piece (body) and game board (timeline) but the essence of each is identical—You. You are all of these lives at the same time, you just don't realize that you are. Think about it ... you are playing in 11 different playgrounds at the same time. Imagine how talented you must be to pull that off!

We find this concept hard to accept because we're so entrenched in our 3D reality, with all its separation and duality. But things are changing, and part of that change is us realizing that we are all a part of something much much larger and much much grander than we can imagine in our wildest of dreams.

You Create Your Own Reality

The group went on to talk about how we came to forget that we create our own reality. Talking about humans, they said:
"... they thought that circumstances actually ruled their lives. Because they held that thought, they created the reality that made that true."
Think about that for a minute. If we create the world around us with our thoughts (beliefs) and we think (believe) that we are the victim of circumstances, then we'll create a world where it seems to be the rule that we are the victim of circumstances.

It sounds like a chicken-and-egg scenario, doesn't it? But it isn't. It's clear which came first, and what came first was the belief. The belief that we are the victim of circumstances. You are so amazing that if you believe you are a victim then so you shall be.

The question is, now that we know that, how do we break out of it?

We start to break out of it by accepting the idea that we do create our reality. All of it. We stop arguing for our limitations and start believing in our power to choose.

It's not always easy, but then we all know that old habits can be hard to break. They hang on and they hang on, and we have to be very concious, very aware, very awake, to notice when we are stuck in habits of thought. As Abraham so often says, a belief is just a thought we keep thinking. The moment we stop and realize "ahh! that's just a thought!" and know that we can change it, we start taking back the power of creation that is ours in every moment.

We don't have to become creators, we already are creators. All we have to do is start accepting full responsibility for what we are creating, even if we don't yet know the reasons for it or the mechanics behind it.

We don't need to know how a car works to drive one, and we don't need to know how we create our experiences to know that we do. Once we can accept that premise, it becomes easier and easier to adjust our belief structures until we are creating, in every circumstance, exactly what we wish to experience.

You Are An Amazing Game Player!

It really is a an interesting game, watching what shows up in our reality and realizing that it is our belief(s) that are creating it.

Look around at any circumstance and accept that you may not know why you created being a part of it, just that you did. Then ask yourself if you want to continue to be a part of similar experiences, or if you'd prefer to have things go a different way.

Instead of focusing on the way things are, focus on the way you'd like things to be. Each time you do that, congratulate yourself on being aware of what you're creating, because that's the most important part. Once you've begun to accept your responsibility in the matter of creating your reality it's much easier to shift focus to the way you prefer things to be, and watch them show up that way. You really are an amazing and wonderful human creator!

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