I've been thinking about what to say about Wednesday of this week, November 11, 2009, and the significance of it, in its numerology as 11-11-11.

Wouldn't you know it, the perfect message came in my morning email from Jennifer Hoffman at Uriel Heals. Enjoy!


This week introduces a new milestone for humanity, a powerful day with a powerful date. On November 11, the date will be 11-11-11, which combines 11, the number of the initiate, with 33, the master teacher. 33 is the sum of the master numbers 11 and 22, giving them new definition and the opportunity to express their energies at a higher level. So the question for us this week is how can we express our energies at a higher level and embody our mastery in our life at this moment?

This date is a reminder to us that we are the unfulfilled potential of our mastery and we have to express its energy for it to have a presence in our life. Until we own and use the energy that is available to us, it is just energy waiting for someone to claim it. How much unclaimed and unused energy is in your life? This is the week to start considering the untapped and unused potential that is within you, waiting for expression. What can you do to take action and claim your mastery?

At this stage of our journey, when we have done so much clearing after eons of being led by karma, we easily fall into the mode of waiting for someone to tell us what to do next. But as masters we get to choose what "next" is. We have the support of the Universe but it is not going to tell us what to do. We can create whatever we want, it is up to us to decide what that is going to be. And that is where we get stuck, wondering how we can be masters as we look back on every place where we stumbled, were afraid, despaired, felt powerless and let our power slip through our fingers.

Mastery is not about doing everything at the right moment, it is about taking action with faith and trust, having confidence in our power and knowing that there is a limitless pool of potential waiting to take form at our command. The only thing we have to figure out is what we want. So use the energy of this week to step into your mastery. Use this powerful day to expand your awareness beyond the human and into the spiritual. What is the greatest, most wonderful thing you can imagine for your life? That is your heart's desire, so set your intention for it and use your power to make it happen for you.

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