Unconditional Love

Knowing that we all want to help each other, sending energy and good wishes and all—especially when we know that the ones we love are working through times of great upset or stress—it's worth remembering that we can't necessarily know what their greater good is. This message from "The Teachers of the Universal Mind" through Jo Amidon at Light Connection gives an excellent perspective and explains why 'pure love' energy is the best kind to focus on.

What Is Unconditional Love?

Unconditional Love is the highest energy form that can be sent. It is pure, without intent or focus. It does not attempt to control, steer or interfere. It simply sends pure love which can then be used by the receiver (most often on a higher self level or spirit level) for the purpose which is most needed and for the overall best interest of the receiver. In sending Unconditional Love, this should be understood. You do not choose it's focus, label it with judgment or personal opinion. Simply having the intent to send Unconditional Love allows you to do so, and having the understanding within that it is unconditional allows it to flow through you more freely.

When Should Unconditional Love Be Used?

Unconditional Love is always recommended rather than a specific focused type of energy. This is more beneficial than conditional energy. In any situation where you choose to send energy to a specific individual, unconditional love is suggested. This allows freedom for the individual to use as needed. Perhaps you think healing energy is needed, but on higher levels, energy may be more needed for help with releasing, emotions, or decision making. All of these will in turn affect the physical well being, while simple healing of a physical problem will often create the need for re-creation of a physical issue. Physical problems are a result of activity in another area, not a natural state of being. If there are intense physical issues, such as illness or accidents, we would suggest a combination of healing energy and Unconditional Love. This will give assistance with the immediate physical issues, and allow other areas in need of work to be aided at the same time.

We would also remind you that at any time, one may not be open to receiving energy. It must be accepted by the receiver to be used. It is good to ask permission before sending energy. If the situation is such that you do not feel free to do so, ask the higher self of the individual for permission. You will receive a response, through feelings, hearing, or other signs you will be given.

What Unconditional Love Means In Everyday Life

Working with Unconditional Love is a combination of things. It is being in a state of mind where you allow and accept where you are; knowing that you are where you need to be and for a reason. It is having the intention that you will use each moment to be what you are, enjoy where you are, and to learn and grow from each experience. However small or large it may seem. It is allowing yourself to see the beauty, light and love within each person, animal or plant that you encounter.

Learn to slow down, detach a bit from the "importance" of details which compose much of everyday life, then allow yourself to feel and be "in" the things that you do rather than just doing them. This helps to allow the energy of unconditional love to flow through you. The simple daily intention of allowing yourself to be a channel for the energy of unconditional love will do much for beginning to create this "place of being" within yourself.

Every activity that you do allows you an opportunity to send unconditional love. Know that you are in a lifetime selected for its growth, learning and experiences. Although you may not have consciously chosen all your experiences, some level of your being aided in the creation of your experiences. This can be higher self, other dimensional selves, the spirit self or parts of the personality and ego.

Take the time to enjoy the reality you have created to experience. Feel the Earth, spend time in nature, experience flowers, hug trees, talk to animals and listen to them. Take time with people. Feel them, look within for the inner being of light and spirit. Know that all living beings are a part of the God Force, and as such have beauty and light within. When people talk to you, take time to listen. Feel them as they speak, go beyond the words. Be allowing.

Know that each being has a different pathway to follow, different things meet their needs, different things fulfill them, different types of experiences teach them and help them grow. Allow these differences, and know that these very differences among the parts of the God Force are bits of what compose that overall energy which is "Prime Creator". All are bits of the God Force, which while in physical experiences choose and create many different types of reality. This is how the God Force learns and grows. All are teachers, all are students, all are God.

The Teachers of The Universal Mind

Through Jo Amidon

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