Why Do They Hate Me?

Have you been wondering lately why, despite your best intentions, people are in upset, and often that upset is directed at you? So much so that some of those friends/relatives/associates are starting to move out of your life, or already have?

It's hard to remember, when people you care about are casting you aside that it is, as Tobias has said many times, "not about you." The upset is their response to a mismatch in energy, one that, yes you created, but by your spiritual growth. That's A Good Thing™ it really is! But it doesn't seem that way does it?

The following message from Jennifer Hoffman at Uriel Heals addresses that very thing. Her message is powerful and speaks for itself.

Why Do They Hate Me?

From your emails and readings, I know that many of you are confused with what is happening with relationships at this time, not the romantic ones but friends, family and other associations where suddenly you go from being friends to being their worst enemy.

Sometimes you can make an innocent comment and are bombarded with words and feelings that shock you. These are situations that end long time friendships and while you may feel like the victim you are somewhat responsible for this because you are helping others heal and many are going through healing crises that they blame you for.

Every shift in your vibration has an effect on everyone and everything around you. Those who are ready to shift will join you, those who are not will reject you, in an unpleasant way. You have created a void in their energetic space, a gap that where they can no longer connect to you in the same way.

On an energetic level they lost an important resource that helped them manage their fear. Without your energy, they have to deal with their fear in another way. Since they have been using your energy and not their own, as soon as your energy is removed, the fear rushes in because there is nothing to buffer it.

Many of us act as energetic buffers for our friends and partners. We do this unconsciously, sharing our vibrations with them to help them with their healing journey. And we can do this as long as our vibrations are fairly close to theirs. But as soon as we shift enough that we are out of their range, the connection can no longer exist and they have to use their inner resources to fill that void.

But since they have been using our energy, they do not know how to use these resources and feel the fear they have successfully avoided. They have the resources to deal with the fear, they just do not know how to use them. So they see you as the problem and are angry with you when the real problems is with them.

Their reaction can make you feel terrible if you take it personally but you should know that there is nothing you can do in this situation except to release them with unconditional love, send them light and blessings and go your own way.

We are now able to experience the full volume of our energy for the first time in many lifetimes. But to do so we have to take back the energy we have been sharing with others, creating a predicament for them. And they may hate you for it but each person is responsible for their healing and has to find their energetic center.

Enjoy your energy, power and use it to create the reality of your dreams. Remember that everyone has this ability and now they have an opportunity learn how to do it for themselves.

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