Looking for God in All the Right Places

Ra (Ra's messages are transcribed and condensed into online book form here) said, when asked what we could do to further our own growth:

The Universe is one Being. When you view another, see the Creator.

Gaze within a mirror. See the Creator.

Gaze at the Creation which lies about the mind/body/spirit of each entity. See the Creator.

It’s challenging to see the Creator in everything, to see god in everything. We tend to see god in another as a static thing, something outside them, loving them, but not them. We just don't see others, or ourselves, as that powerful. It's somewhat easier for us to acknowledge the god aspect of animals and flowers, rather than ourselves or other people.

Watch a bird and see god. Watch a tree and see god. Watch the grass and flowers and clouds and see god. Pretty easy to do, yes?

Watch a child and see god. That's easy too! Watch another doing good things and see god. Very doable. Watch another doing not good things and see god. There’s a challenge!

Now … look in the mirror and see god. Can you? Can you accept that You are the same Creator that created the Universe and everything in it? Can you accept that You continually create your reality? Can you look in the mirror and see, acknowledge, and love, the Creator that is you? I hope you can, because you are that creator. All you need to do is remember.

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