Transmuting Energy

In my last post "Balancing the Ego" I talked about transmuting charged negative energy—like anger, upset, hurt—into Universal Energy, or love. If you've ever tried to disconnect from a charged negative situation and transmute the energy into love, you'll know it's not always such an easy thing.

Tobias, in Geoff Hoppe's channel "Wave of Darkness", in response to a question from the audience, gave the following information. It's a bit more complex in expression than I generally refer to, but I include it here in the interests of those of you who like to be aware of the deeper aspects of working with energy.
Transmuting, in a sense, is as simple as selecting a potential. For example, if there are a dozen potentials in front of you, including anger and fear, hatred and love, being afraid …. and all of the various potentials, transmuting is choosing a potential.

Fear may be the potential that stands directly in front of you, but you choose to walk through it. Walking through it means facing the things that are there. Walking through it means being in a place of strength, wisdom and balance, and owning that new potential.

You ask us to describe a specific exercise or a specific pattern for transmuting. In an answer to that question, Amiel, Archangel of Hope, is the best one to answer this. We pause for a moment to bring her message through (pausing).

"Hope is the energy of new potentials realized." Amiel says to simply move towards the energy of the highest potential. This is through your action and your thoughts. Amiel says to draw this into you. Bring this highest potential into you, then be in a place of strength, and allow it to go through your being.

We cannot define the exact process here, but as you bring it into your being and allow it to go through you, you will learn very quickly what this process is like.

It is not a "thinking" process. It does not take place in any one part of your body, such as your heart area. It is a totally realized energy that moves throughout your entire being then is released back as an energy of the highest potential, through you to the world.

You are processors, you are micro/macro processors of energy. There is not an intellectual pattern to this but it is bringing in the energy of highest potential and then releasing it back out.

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