There's Only One Lesson

This is an excerpt from a channel by Barbara Marciniak. Barbara channels a Pleiadian collective, this being a different group than that channeled by Wendy Kennedy. Although this message was received nearly 20 years ago, I find it as pertinent now as it was then.

This was among a selection of Barbara's channels from the early 1990s posted here.
There's only one lesson to be learned. One lesson. To love yourself. It is the only lesson that there is. And that is what you are all going to be struggling with over and over again.

You all have come from great entities creator gods that were curious about your Earth sphere, who came here to be a part of a vast experiment. Certainly from their perspective, they were viewing themselves as entities who were an extension of Prime Creator, who had vast abilities. They did not look upon themselves as Gods. It was only those that were not so evolved who looked upon them as Gods. You all have been in that position.

Why is it you have given up that position of godhood and broken yourself off and separated? Because you are curious, you wanted to know what it would be like to feel certain emotions, to have certain perspectives about life. You agreed to separate yourselves, willingly, anxiously, and to sojourn throughout many civilizations and cultures. The time has come for you to make yourself whole once again, for you to remember. That is what is going on.

And how are you going to remember? You are going to tap into the alteration that is occurring within your body. And you will facilitate all of this if you could but love who you are.


You all have a confusion about what is called service. You think that you must take care of others to do service. Service truly means when you take care of the vehicle that you are, because that is your concern. When you take care of the vehicle that you are, you send into the consciousness of the Mother Earth a certain vibration. That vibration works with the consciousness of Mother Earth and there is a uniting of spirit.

There is a resonation that comes to being. Loving yourself is allowing yourself the greatest honor and dignity to be. It is placing yourself first through value, not through selfishness. Whenever you are putting in your life that which is less than keeping you happy, it is because you do not value who you are. You settle for less. You settle for less because you are afraid that if you don't settle for less you will end up with nothing. That is a belief. That is a fear.

That is a program you have accepted over and over again. It is part of the cultural paradigm. The children of the new main stream of ideas are not going to get involved in [that belief]. The new children know they do not have to settle for less. They will teach their parents. They will teach others that no one has to compromise. No one has to take less than what they are wanting.

We would like each and every one of you in this moment to make a commitment to yourself, to place yourself on your own throne.

Honor that vehicle that you are and intend that all that you bring to your lives from this moment forward be gifts of great treasures for yourselves. You will create it. Do not fear your power. That is underlying all of this. You are to some extent afraid that if you start creating what you are really wanting, you are afraid of where you will go with this. And so you put it off. "I will be successful in a couple years. I am not ready."

Love the vehicles that you are so that you can be a guiding light for all of the others. It is your right. It is time for you to remember. It is important for you to honor and cherish yourselves and learn the only lesson that there is to learn. That of love, because love is the key that is going to open every technology. It is going to open every doorway to extraterrestrial and interdimensional communications, inner-earth communications, that will allow you to truly live.
And so it is.

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