Energy Inventory

Each life lesson provides the spirit opportunities to experience life with different filters. The life lesson of Definition is about being able to define what energy is yours and what is not. People with this life lesson bring people, contracts, and experiences into their field that move—sometimes forcefully—their boundaries in order to highlight this lesson. These people feel they always have to put other people first.

Most people engaged in mastering this life lesson tend to be those with great emotional empathy. They tap into others' emotions, thought patterns, and energy so easily and unconsciously that often they don't even realize that it is not their own energy that they are feeling. Because of this, they invariably have some difficulty setting proper boundaries for themselves.

Having weak boundaries, these dear ones often attract a series of master manipulators into their life. When they leave or are removed from one overbearing relationship without mastering the attribute of Definition, they will unconsciously draw another into their field in order to facilitate completing this life lesson.

What to do? Here's a tool everyone can use, even if you aren't living with a life lesson of Definition.

From The group, excerpted from Steve Rother’s book “So I’m God … Now What?

Many healers have taken on the life lesson of Definition. You pick up on other people’s emotions because you do not know where your energy field ends and where another begins. Some of you have brought master manipulators into your field and that does not always feel very pretty for you.

There are times when you get so wrapped up in the day-to-day routine of putting one foot in front of the other that you do not understand that you have choices. So let us offer you a tool for working in the higher vibrations of the New Planet Earth. We call it the Energy Inventory.

This is a tool for acclimating to the new energy. To use it, you must first understand that a “plus” is not good and a “minus” is not bad. Those who work with electricity can tell you that negative electrons have the same magic and power as electrons carrying a positive charge. Those old illusions, of good and bad, come from the field of duality in which you have been living.

To use this tool, every time you experience something, stop and take inventory. Was that experience a minus or a plus? Ask yourself “Did that experience take away from my energy or add to my energy?”

For example, imagine you get a phone call from your best friend, relating the latest happening in her life. As you hang up the phone, take a moment to take inventory. “Did that add to me or take away from me?” There is no need to write it down; just making an honest determination within is enough. For a time, reduce every experience in your life to a plus or a minus.

Take inventory without judgement. It isn’t “good” or “right” that an experience adds to your energy, nor is it “bad” or “wrong” when an experience takes from your energy. Just notice. The more you notice the more you become aware of the external forces that you have been allowing to drive you.

Know also that you will not always make your decisions based on the inventory. That would be giving your power away and would also make you very lonely. For instance, imagine that your teenage son approaches you and asks if you can drive him to the mall. You stop and take inventory before you speak.

Since you already have plans for the day, this request is clearly a minus. Even so, you may decide that being with his friends is good for him so you gladly change your plans to accommodate him. Here is a big difference. The decision to drive him is now yours and not his. He did not manipulate you. If you honestly take the inventory and make a choice based on what feels best to you, it is not possible to be manipulated.

Taking inventory puts the ball right back in your court and the power of choice back where it belongs. In every moment of every day, it allows you to very quickly assess where you are in the world and the Universe around you. That is clearly defining yourself, thus the life lesson of Definition. If you have a life lesson of Definition, defining your energy field is what you came here to master.
Being aware of the inventory allows you the freedom to choose. It interrupts any automatic conditioning that you’ve acquired and puts you back in the driver’s seat of choice.

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