Getting Grounded

Excerpted from an interview with Wendy Kennedy channeling the 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective:
When you have people who are very sensitive, who have very strong psychic abilities they are picking up a lot of these emotions, a lot of pain on the planet, but there is also the potential for them to pick up a lot of the joy. But where the focus tends to lie is in all the discomfort, because it is not pleasant to feel. And what a lot of sensitive people will do is not ground into their bodies so they don’t have to feel and they don’t have to process.

The other thing that you find very sensitive people do, they often have addictions. They will try to numb themselves with alcohol or drugs or food—and that’s a whole ‘nother topic—but not being grounded in your body is one of the biggest concerns. Because when you’re not grounded in, you have a very difficult time manifesting. The idea of this game called Planet Earth was to bring Home—or the sense of Home, the notion of being connected to all things, to being connected to Source Energy, to experiencing unconditional love that you feel when you are not in your earthly body—to bring that sensation to Earth.

This isn’t about going through the death cycle and being able to raise your frequency and then go into another body. This is a game of descension and re-ascension. You are already Source Energy. So you had to descend into physical bodies. And now you’ve taken it as low as you can go and you’re going to reascend, you’re going to raise your frequency and bring that sense of connectedness to this vehicle that you are utilizing right now. And in order to bring Home here, you’ve got to be in your body.

So it’s very difficult when you don’t create boundaries for yourself. That keeps you from connecting to your body. What’s also important for people who are sensitive to know is, you are not responsible for processing everything that you feel. Because a lot of people who are sensitive take it on as their own and think that they’ve got to process that energy, that pain, that frustration, that fear, whatever they’ve taken on throughout the day. It is only your responsibility to process your own thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

You don’t have to heal it for the planet, it is not your responsibility to do that. You can from time to time check in and lend a little energy there, but you are not burdened to do that. Because the Earth herself is a reflection of you, as a whole. In other words you’re all holographic in nature, so you, the tiny part of you the individual, the body, the personality that is you, is a carrier to the entire picture of the world. All the information for the entire world shows up in your energetic field. You’re holographic. So as you change and alter yourself, you then in turn, alter the entire planet. That information is cascaded down to the planet so that you can create a different version of her.

So if you can get yourself in your body, it’s going to be much easier for you to create what you want. It’s going to be much easier for you to recognize when you’ve taken on energy that’s not your own. And what that feels like to you is that your emotional response is out of balance for how you would normally react to a situation. So if normally you might feel a bit uncomfortable or a bit annoyed with something, and the experience that you have is that you fly off the handle, then that’s an indicator for you to check in and see, have you taken on something else?

The other thing that can trigger a similar response is when you activate a past life issue. When what you’re experiencing triggers the frequency of a past life experience. So you can check in with yourself and ask “is this my own or is this belonging to someone else?” And your subconscious is going to give you a yes or a no. That’s an indicator for you. So that’s vital for your well being, your energy, so that you can really be mindful of how you’re feeling in your body so that you know when you have fears coming up so you can address them and clear them when they belong to you. And it really just makes life much easier in general.

So that’s our 2 cents on being grounded into the body. Now, how do you achieve that? There are a couple exercises, and I’ll give you two visualizations right here right now.

One is to see yourself in your mind’s eye and to see your Soul Energy—a BEAUTIFUL GOLDEN LIGHT—and to see that penetrating into the cells of your body. And that they are illuminating the cells and radiating out, just as if the sun is contained within the cell and beaming out from it, so is your Soul Essence. And you can visualize and start with just one cell and that will cascade down through each and every cell.

So that’s one way to get yourself grounded and into your body. What you find after you’re done with that visualization and it really doesn’t take too long, it can take really only about 5 minutes, is that you have a lot more energy. And it’s much easier for you to tap into your intuition, for you to get inspiration, for you to connect with your own guides.

The other quick little exercise that we like to give is to visualize, in your mind’s eye again, yourself, and you’re going to incorporate the elements of the earth (wind, water, fire) with the colors of the chakras of the energetic centers that lie within your body.

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So you’re first going to start with the visualization of a RED TORNADO swirling around your body. And you’re going to hold that for three breaths in and three breaths out. And as you see that energy as you inhale, you feel the energy coming up and you feel the energy moving through your body, and as you exhale you feel your body relax and anything that is not of the highest frequency, allow it to be swept away with the tornado. See in your mind’s eye what comes out.

So you’re going to hold that for three breaths in and out and then you’re going to move on to the next element which is RAIN, so you’re going to see red rain. And you’re going to hold that for three breaths, and then you’re going to move on to FLAMES. So you’re going to see your whole body purified in flame. And you hold that for three breaths in and out. And then you’re going to move on to the next color.

So you’re going to go up to ORANGE, and go through all three elements so 9 breaths in and out. And then YELLOW, and then depending on the day, you can go with GREEN which is a personal healing color, or PINK which is a more universal color. And then on up to BLUE, INDIGO, and then finishing it off there with PURPLE and the last one is a SILVERY WHITE light. The silver is going to connect you to the planet. So you’re going to imagine a silvery tornado, silvery rain, and then a silvery white flame.

And that doesn’t have to take too long. It’s a great exercise to do first thing in the morning when you wake up because you’re outside of your body and you’re not really connected to it. So if you can do that exercise and if you’ve only got a couple minutes then just one breath through each cycle. And that’s really all it takes. Because most of you walk around and it takes you a half hour to a good hour to get into your body when you wake up; you’re in a bit of a haze. It’s a quick way to get you jump started for the day.

Here's another effective grounding exercise from Spiritual.com.au:
This is one I learned from Starhawk's Spiral Dance. It is a very often-done meditation and you may have seen versions of this one in many places and from many people. This is my version.

Get comfortable. For this one, I find that sitting works best. I like to sit in a chair or sit with my back against something.

Take a deep breath and hold it. It is this space between breathing that I believe the Buddhist refer to as the "awareness". I need to research that though. Release the breath slowly.

Take a deep breath and hold it. (counting 1-2-3-4-5 slowly) and release the breath slowly.
Take a deep breath and hold it. (counting 1-2-3-4-5 slowly) and release the breath slowly.
Take a deep breath and hold it. (counting 1-2-3-4-5 slowly) and release the breath slowly.
Take a deep breath and hold it. (counting 1-2-3-4-5 slowly) and release the breath slowly.

Now, see in your mind's eye a tree. Don't worry if the tree isn't crystal clear. Just remember a tree you once knew. Sit down with your back against that tree. Feel the trunk against your back and know that this is a safe spot for you.

Now, your spine is the conductor of your chakras. The base chakra is the root chakra. This is literally where your spine ends. I want you to extend that base chakra down. This is your taproot. Press it down into the earth until you can feel that pulling at your center. Relax and just feel how this affects your body for a moment.

Now, slowly begin drawing energy up from the earth. Let it fill the root chakra. (pause). Now it moves to the belly chakra. Feel the energy slowly spreading. (pause) Next it moves to your solar plexus chakra. (pause) And now your heart chakra. Note what the energy feels like to you. Is it cool? cold? warm? hot? prickly? itchy? (pause) Now the energy moves up to your throat chakra. (pause) And to the third eye chakra (pause) As it reaches your crown chakra, feel the energy spill up and out like a waterfall. (pause)

Let this waterfall flow down to the earth and soak back into the ground. This is the energy pool that is always available to you. Take a few moments to feel the cycle of the waterfall.

(pause for at least two minutes here)

Now, let the waterfall gradually ebb back into your crown chakra. It slides down to your third eye. Past your throat chakra and to the heart chakra. Now the solar plexus down to the belly chakra. As it moves back to the root chakra, begin to draw your tap root up into the root as well. Excess energies will be flushed through the root chakra leaving behind only what you need.

When you feel ready, open your eyes and come back to yourself.

When you don't have a lot of time ...

A quick way to get grounded when you don't have time to go through either of the above processes, is to take three deep breaths. It's amazing how when you're in upset you won't even want to breathe. That's a pretty good indication that you're stuck ... and the best possible time to consciously breathe.

Another quick way to ground is to eat something, but do so consciously. Eating grounds you in your body, but you need to be consciously aware that you are eating, not the unconscious way that most of us eat most of the time. Foods directly from the Earth work best, like fruits and vegetables.

You can also visualize your body as a tree; visualize sending your roots down into the earth, feeling your energy connect with the energy of earth and her energy with yours.

But no matter how you do it, work at staying grounded and you will find that life flows so much smoother and easier. It will help you stay in touch with and be aware of the Now, where all of your power is, and which is the only time that truly exists.

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