Dei Un Gnost - A New Term

You Are Not Your Body

You know this don’t you? That you are not your body? And you also know that you are not your mind? You are so much more!

You might think that you are your spirit, but not necessarily in the way that is commonly thought. When you ‘die’, or that experience which we have come to call death, you know that something leaves the body which makes the body less than it was. The cells in your body continue to ‘live’ for a short while even after ‘you’ are gone. What is the ‘you’ that goes? Some refer to this thing that leaves as the soul. Others call it ‘life force energy’. I prefer ‘life force energy’ because for me that more accurately describes what it is.

Life force energy is not you, its something that you have. Like your body. Like your mind. My body. My mind. My life force energy. These three things are not who we are, they are tools. 

Humans live in an environment (physical reality) that is not natural to the soul. In order to experience a foreign environment, you have tools. There are tools that help us survive and experience foreign environments. Take for example, being under water. There are tools (wet suits, breathing apparatus, flippers) that allow us to survive in this different environment called under water. There are tools that help us survive and experience being in outer space. Tools that help us survive and experience being in toxic environments. 

There are also tools that help us, as Spirit, to survive and live in the environment called physical reality. The tools that help a spirit experience life on planet earth are the body, the mind, and the life force energy. Again, life force energy is not what you are, it is something you have, something you use.

There’s another tool that you use to experience life on planet earth. This tool is something most people aren’t aware of because it's fallen out of use. Since people aren’t aware of it, they don’t use it. But this tool exists, you can access it, and you can use it.

The real power is in knowing that this fourth tool exists, knowing that it is a tool that you came into physical reality with, knowing that it is yours, and knowing that you can access it and use it to your advantage any time you wish. There’s nothing you need to do to get it, you already have it. It’s a creative knowingness that has nothing to with the brain or with thinking. Creative knowingness. It works in conjunction with the brain and the mind, but it is neither of those things. It is something different than that, and it is yours.

We refer to this creative knowingness as ‘gnost’ (thanks to the Crimson Circle, where I first learned of it). The full term is Dei Un Gnost, shortened to simply 'gnost'.

What is this Dei Un Gnost—this creative knowingness—and how do I use it?

That’s a wonderful question. How do you access your mind and use it? How do you access your body and use it? How do you access your life force energy and use it? These aren’t things that can be described that way. Each of these tools is incredibly complex, so complex that they cannot really be explained in human language. 

My intent here isn’t to try to explain it, but merely let you know that it exists, so that you can begin experimenting with it, using it to enhance your native creative ability.

Here is a portion of what Tobias of the Crimson Council had to say about gnost:
You are very inter-dimensional on your own right. You have many, many levels within you. You are only operating in a small spectrum of those levels right now as a human being. Gnost opens the doorway to integrate many of these inter-dimensional levels within you. You’re going to find this energy of gnost to be invaluable. It’s an incredible tool to help you manifest ideas and dreams in this reality.

Again, it is very difficult to talk about gnost because it is not an energy that originates from the mind. It cannot be manipulated by the mind. It absolutely will resist that. It cannot be limited by the mind. So the gnost energy is in its own realm.

Now, the interesting thing is you’re going to find that your mind is more than happy to work with gnost. Your mind is going to get into stride with it as you begin to use it. The mind will understand it has a new friend, that it has a companion that’s going to take much of the burden off of the mind. The mind initially is going to try to control it because that’s how the mind has been programmed, until now. But as you start to use gnost, the mind will let go, the mind will stop trying to control, and just allow this solution of gnost to come in.

Then the mind will do what it does best. It will help to keep things organized, it will keep its database and databanks of information, and it will help to materialize some of the final phases... put into action some of the things that you need to do as a creator who’s also living on Earth right now.

The mind, for instance, knows how to drive a car. Gnost doesn’t necessarily know how to do that. The mind knows how to operate your computer devices. Gnost will make it a more fulfilling and creative experience, but it is the mind that controls the hands and the fingers and some of the stored information such as the language that you use. The mind is wonderful at doing these things.

Gnost is going to allow you to manifest and create without all of the struggle. And again, it takes you using it, more than anything. It takes you allowing it to come into your life, and we know it is a bit of a paradox because you say,“But how do I use it? Define gnost. Help me to create a picture.” And we can’t. There is none. You can only bring it in and use it in your life.

Now, as more and more [of you] work with the energy of gnost, you will be able to define it better and more accurately. You’ll have more of a database or an experience-base from which to talk about it or discuss it. But right now gnost is a simple and beautiful energy. Again, it doesn’t come from us. It doesn’t come from some far off god being. It doesn’t come from Earth. It comes from you.

… I’m going to ask you—and I will continue to ask you—to use it over and over again. Sometimes you may become frustrated because you don’t know how to use it, it may seem to elude you at times. It takes a while to reintegrate this into your material life right now. Continue to work with it. Continue to breathe with it, and always remember it’s not coming from outside of you. It’s already within.

It’s one of the four components that was built into the design of the human being long before you ever came to Earth. You have (1) the physical body, (2) the mind, (3) the spirit is your life force energy, and (4) gnost, the creative knowingness. Don’t mistake gnost with divinity, that is an entirely different discussion. But we’re talking about the four tools that the human, the divine being, brought with them to Earth.

Gnost is a brilliant energy. Gnost is creative knowingness. Gnost is the energy, the portion of you, the aspect of you that can take an idea or a concept, can take something that is very creative—an inspiration—and then channel those energies down through your inter-dimensional realms and help them to manifest or become solid, stable and balanced here in this realm [reality].

Dei un gnost is also the core of passion in the human existence. … It’s not spirit and it’s not the mind. The best way to explain dei un gnost is that it is knowingness, but not knowingness from the mind. It is creativity, but not creativity from the mind. You see, right now, even for those of you who are artists and musicians, you use creativity but it is saccharin. It is artificial. It is being created from the mind—there is literally a lobe in the mind where creative energies can flow and be manifested—but it is not dei un gnost. It is not the true—what you would call—creative ability.

So this missing piece, gnost... gnost. This missing piece is the piece, the component that is creative and that is knowingness. It's not intuition either. It is the ability to bridge between the nonphysical realms and into the crystalline realms and bring that energy and that consciousness down into the earthly realms. It is the ability to very rapidly manifest dreams using the balance of body, mind, gnost and spirit [life force energy]. But that piece has been missing for a long, long time, and it’s time for it to come back, but in a different way. We’re not going to go back and activate the old gnost. We’re not going to go try to dig it from the depths of wherever it’s been hiding. It’s been hiding for a reason and wants to come back in a different way now.

Trying to understand what gnost is is a bit like trying to understand infinity. The mind simply isn't the right tool to allow us to understand these concepts. As Tobias has said in other sessions, we humans have been out in the other realms experimenting, creating, solving puzzles for humanity. But the solutions can't make their way into the physical reality of Earth because we don't know how to ground them. We don't know how to translate what we're working on in other realities into the language of physical reality. It's like there's a gap between what we know at other levels and what we can bring into our earthly experience. Gnost is the tool that bridges that gap.

For now, think of gnost as an interdimensional tool that you just discovered, that you're curious about, that you'd like to learn how to use. You can see that this tool is there, but you don't know what to do with it or how to use it. There's no instruction manual. You see this thing, it intrigues you, and you're curious as hell how to go about using it! Let that curiosity drive you. When you have something you'd like to understand or manifest, particularly if it is a completely new idea or puzzle that seems unsolvable—potentially impossible based upon what you know with your mind—ask yourself "how would gnost solve this?" then let it go.

Play around with the concept that gnost exists, intend to get insight into its use, then let it go and see what happens.

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