Why Do We Lie? The Potential of Indigos and Crystals

Why do we lie?

It’s a fascinating question, and far easier to answer than we might think. The answer is really simple: We lie because we did something, generally something that made us happy in the moment, and that something doesn’t meet the approval of whomever we are lying to.

That would indicate that we lie for approval, or to stay whatever it is we fear would come from disapproval. It begs the question: if we didn’t need each other’s approval, would there be any need—any desire—to lie?

Think about it: Aren’t you the most honest when you aren’t looking for approval, and/or not fending off disapproval?

It seems as if lying comes in many forms, not limited to wanting acceptance. Sometimes it comes from a desire to protect, to not hurt someone.

I would posit that it’s all approval based. We don’t want to hurt someone (out of the mistaken belief that we can do anything to another without them choosing it) because they won’t like it, which means they won’t like us. When you get right down to the core of it, any time we aren’t speaking from the heart we’re doing so for some other’s—or many others’—approval.


This is what allows Indigos to appear to be so arrogant. They don’t have that need for approval, at least not to the degree that most humans do, or have. That gives them enormous freedom to be who they are and do what they do, in ways that society isn’t accustomed to. Ergo, that society thinks is wrong.

Indigos are modeling a change that we have all agreed on—at other levels of being—that we want to see in the world, and that is a change from needing others’ approval to not needing it.

It’s a bit of a sticky wicket because Indigos live on earth too, and are subject to mass consciousness as we all are. They are taught, and accept to whatever degree they each do, that in a civilized society we have to obey the rules, do what’s expected of us, behave in ways that are approved of.

Indigos are the rule breakers. They were born with very strong inclinations toward not needing approval, so it must be really torturous to them when they start buying into society’s demands that they behave in a manner that is approved of. Imagine the internal struggles that they go through! Their Inner Being is calling them to live in their joy despite the approval or disapproval of others, while society is calling them to ‘behave’, which means: do that which society (parents, teachers, authorities, anyone) approves of. Indigos will not. They were born to not. That’s their role. They are us. We asked them to do that, to be that. We asked them to model that for us, so that we could begin to change.

“Don’t tell me what to do!” or even better “You can’t tell me what to do!” is Indigo energy.

How aberrant their behavior is—or becomes—will depend upon how strong their natural inclinations are and how much they’ve been molded by society to go against those inclinations.

They are here to teach, through their own behavior and ways of being, that which we, as humanity, have asked them to teach us. How hard do you want the lesson to be? Do you want to see what they are here teaching, or do you want to continue to try to mold them into who, and what, society thinks they should be?


What, then, is crystal energy?

Crystal energy is more quiet and reserved. Crystals are no less equipped to be who they are than Indigos, but they do so in a different way. You might say that each energy represents a different end of the same scale.

Crystals are peacemakers. They dislike confrontation. Crystal energy won’t argue with you, but it won’t bend to you either. In that way, it is the same force as Indigo energy.

In other words, whether you are dealing with Indigo energy or Crystal energy, the result is the same. Both will do exactly as they please, but one will do it openly, almost tauntingly, whereas the other will do it quietly, within themselves.

To the degree that we, as existing society, succeed in bending children to our will, is the degree to which they will be internally tormented. Their Inner Being will continue to call them to be who they really are, to be who they know they can become. If we ask them to go against that calling, and they agree, they will suffer. Just as we suffer when we do the same thing.

What’s different is the times we were each born into. Most of us were born in times where following what was socially acceptable—conforming—was emotionally, physically, and spiritually easier to do. The energy of the world was different, there was a different vibration of consciousness.

Even those of us born with a degree of Indigo or Crystal energy, which many of us were, we were born into a time when consciousness as a whole was different. It was easier for us to fit in, because the world energy wasn’t ripe to support more than a small degree of Indigo or Crystal energy. If we didn't fit in, no one much cared because there weren't enough of us that society as a whole had to worry about us.

Now that we are into the new energy, all children being born have these new patternings, new ways of being. At either side of the spectrum they will show up as either strong-willed (Indigo) or quietly accepting (Crystal). Most children will be some combination or melding of the two. In neither case are they created to give in to the demands of society—us. Both energetic types are programmed to get their way, and will stop at nothing to do so. Though they will each go about it in different ways.

Our job as parents, teachers, guardians, mentors, is not to change our children. Our job is to see who they really are, in all their godliness, and to help them see themselves the same way. Or perhaps better said, to not try to take that from them.

It’s our job to help them display and use the skills and talents that they bring to earth, while helping them live in a world that does not yet understand what they have to offer. Only by allowing them to give us what they came here to give us will we all get to where we want to be.

Where do we want to be? Ultimately, where we want to be is in a world where each individual lives as the god-self that they truly are, while incarnate in a human body. As a society, we have never done that before. That’s the game that’s afoot, even though often it doesn’t look like it is. That is what’s going on in our world, and will be until we determine to end that game and create a new one, either here on earth or elsewhere.

In other words, the possibilities for humanity have never been so open, so available. Do you want to live in that world, the one of unbounded possibility, or do you want to continue to live in the world as it’s always been, where we try to make each other fit into molds that we no longer fit into, just because that’s how we’ve always done it?

If you want to live in the new world, the one ripe with possibility, dare to dream and dare to dream big. Start believing in those dreams, and continue to believe in them until they become grounded in physical reality. Let no one stop you from being what you choose to be, having what you choose to have, living as you choose to live. And while you’re doing that, allow others the same opportunity. Not the least of which is our children.

What happens if you don’t?

You don’t need to worry, it’s going to happen anyway. The train has left the station, and whether you are on board or not, it is well into the new journey. Your children are already on board. Will you, through your continued belief that they are here to serve you, or to live up to your—or society’s—expectations, run alongside the train and continually attempt to pull them off? or will you allow them to sit in the engineer’s seat, helping to guide the train to where they know, intuitively, that it can go?

Wouldn’t it be fun to be a passenger on that train and just see where they take you—us? Wouldn’t it be even more fun to be an engineer too, and split off onto a track of your own choosing?


There is a lot of information about Indigo and Crystal children circulating about, mostly generated because our children are exhibiting behaviors that we don’t understand, and doing so on a global and ever-increasing basis. The labels themselves are attempts to categorize behaviors and ways of being that we can't comprehend and don't know what to do about.

Much information is available in books and on websites. I recommend Jennifer Hoffman’s “Today’s Children” as a place to start. It’s free and covers the bases well. Lee Carroll (channel for Kryon) and Jan Tober have distributed a lot of mainstream material on Indigos and Crystals. Many spiritual guides have channeled material on Indigos and Crystals, most free for the finding.

These behaviors and changes in Being aren't just in our own communities, they are global and continually growing. Some see this as cause for alarm. Out of that alarm, theories and studies have been developed to help us understand and deal with these new behaviors.

Rather than go into panic or alarm, I would like to see us, as a society, as a world, stop trying to cope with these new behaviors and see them for what they are—wonderful new ways of being. Ways that, at other levels of our own being, we have asked for. I would like us to see these children as representing that which we want to awaken to ourselves.

It’s going to happen. New children are being born every day, and each of them inherently carries this greater ability to stand in the power of their own creation. They will continue to come. Eventually we won’t be talking about Indigos and Crystals, we’ll just be talking about children. At that point we’ll have accepted them as normal, which of course they are.

Until that day comes, the challenge for us, as parents, teachers, and society in general, is in allowing our children to grow and to become who and what they intended before they came here, while helping them live in the world as it currently is. That is what we struggle with on a daily basis.

So I will ask the question again: How hard do you want the struggle to be? If there’s a struggle at all, our children will eventually win it. They came here, at the request of all of us, equipped to teach us how to create, and live in, a new kind of world. Little by little, they, and we, are creating that world. It’s happening and will continue to happen. The only question is, are you willing to get on board with it, or do you want to continue to struggle against it? The choice is yours. It always is.

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