Plan B

Abraham was asked, “What happens if you have a Plan B?” Abraham’s response was immediate and simple:
Having a Plan B assures Plan B.
Can you see why that is?

We only have a Plan B when we don’t believe our Plan A will work. If we firmly believe in Plan A, it won’t even occur to us to have a Plan B.

Think about what you’re feeling when you start formulating a Plan B. Maybe you’re feeling hesitant, or even fearful, about what you are wanting. Having a Plan B brings you some relief from those negative feelings. As well it should, because that relief tells you that’s really the plan you believe in. Sticking with Plan A no matter what can be like stepping onto the high wire without a net. Having a Plan B takes some of that fear away. There are other ways to find that relief without formulating a Plan B.

Being human, it seems only prudent to have a Plan B, right? “What if” you ask, “I mean, just what if Plan A doesn’t happen, even though I believe strongly in it? Don’t I need a Plan B ‘just in case’, so I’m prepared? so I’ll know what to do if Plan A doesn’t happen?” “Only the most foolhardy people would go through life with no Plan Bs!” you say.

The simple truth is this: You never need a Plan B, nor is it in your best interests to have one if you truly want to change the kinds of things and events you are manifesting.

If Plan A doesn’t work and you have a Plan B, you’ll move effortlessly and unconsciously into Plan B. If you have a Plan B and Plan A didn’t pan out, you’ll miss whatever intuition, inspiration and guidance might be available to you that would lead you to manifesting Plan A.

Plan A not manifesting doesn’t mean anything other than that Plan A didn’t manifest—yet. It doesn’t mean it won’t. It doesn’t mean you screwed up. It doesn’t mean you’re wrong to want Plan A. It doesn’t mean you don’t deserve Plan A. You are already worthy. You are already deserving. Those are not things that need to be earned, those qualities are inherent in who you are.

Remember that it’s not your work to figure out how to get Plan A to manifest. It’s only your work to want Plan A and get into vibrational harmony with it. It’s Source’s job to manifest it into your reality.

How do you get into vibrational harmony with Plan A? By believing in it. How do you come to believe in something you don’t yet believe in? Notice how you feel when Plan A doesn’t happen, or when you think it might not happen. Do you feel fearful? Angry? Upset? Hurt? What thoughts were you having that brought up those feelings? Are you beginning to see conflicting beliefs that cause you to sabotage yourself in your creation of Plan A?

If your Plan A doesn’t manifest, or doesn’t seem to be manifesting, don’t immediately shift into a Plan B. Instead, be quiet within for a moment. Breathe. Turn off your thinking. Listen in the stillness. Allow yourself to feel however you feel. See if some insight or intuition doesn’t pop up in that moment of quiet contemplation.

If you don’t see anything fearful, if no insights or intuition are apparent, tell yourself whatever you need to tell yourself to be at peace with your decision to manifest your Plan A. You might want to remind yourself that you are already deserving, you are already worthy. You might want to remind yourself that its not your job to know the how and where and when of your manifestation, its only your job to want it and get into vibrational harmony with it. You might want to remind yourself that you will be inspired to the appropriate action when the time is right.

If you’re struggling to get back into the feeling place of your Plan A, read or listen to something inspirational, do processes (Abraham has a ton of them), feel what it will feel like when Plan A manifests. Do whatever it takes to get yourself re-focused into Plan A. Get determined to manifest Plan A!

Our seemingly innate desire to think our way out of a situation that isn’t going as we wished or hoped is just our habitual way of wanting to force creation. We spend a lot of time and effort teaching each other that the way to create is with the mind. It never is, it just seems that way because we’re so used to forcing things.

Conscious creation can’t be forced. It’s not an activity for the brain or the mind. Allow yourself to feel whatever you feel when you have a Plan A and don’t see it manifesting. Don’t immediately develop a Plan B, unless you strongly feel that you no longer want Plan A. If that’s the case, what you’re really saying is that you want a new Plan A.

During this process, simply see whatever is there to be seen. If you are quiet, if you aren’t filling your mind with ideas on how to ‘solve’ your current situation, inspiration will come to you. Insights will come to you. Creative solutions will come to you.

Insight, inspiration, and creativity are ways that You speak to you through the focus of your Inner Being. That voice is always there, guiding you, but it often can’t get past the clutter of your mental processes. Listen for that inner guidance and you won’t even want a Plan B.

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