Breath of Life

It must be obvious that breathing is the most important thing we do. I mean, if we don’t breathe for more than about three minutes we incur permanent brain damage. After a couple more minutes of oxygen starvation we die.

The will to survive is so strong, so instinctual, that the body will not tolerate oxygen starvation voluntarily. This is why we cannot involuntarily hold our breath until we die.

A child isn’t “born” into the earth environment until it takes its first breath. This is the moment when the human baby begins living on its own, in its new environment outside of the mother, even if, such as is the case with some premature babies, that involuntary breathing is supplemented or temporarily replaced by machinery.

But did you know that your breath is more than the simple mechanism that keeps your body filled with oxygen, keeps it from dieing? If that were not so, our bodies would not continue to live after we die.

Our breath is like an energetic umbilical cord, connecting us, in our human body, with all other realms and dimensions. It’s the direct route to integrating all of our experiences. Consciously breathing reconnects us to who we really are in ways we are only just coming to realize.

Whenever you feel stressed or anxious or confused, simply breathe. Whenever you think of it, breathe! Breathe .. and enjoy.

From Uriel as received by Jennifer Hoffman:
Know that the air that you breathe is the physical manifestation of the energy of the Source in your environment. When you breathe, you are taking in the wondrous energy of the Creator God.
And this from Kuthumi, as received by Chris Simon in his channeled book “Good Blowing Job: How to Get A-Head with the Breath”:
And here you were thinking you were just walking around, doing this bothersome thing called breathing, and now you come to realize it to be a portal to experiencing everything imaginable in any realm, while you stand here on Earth, in any given moment, even during the times when you're pretending to be a Silly Silly Human.

Do you notice too, how immediately and effortlessly the breath takes you away from the way your mind has been feeling in the New Energy (tired and overworked)?

And in the moment of the breath, when your mind literally disengages from its hurrying and worrying and spinning and turning, you feel quieted and calmed and centred and balanced and peaceful and loved and loving and loveable.

Do you not find it amazing at times how close this refreshing of your humanness with your divinity is, in any given moment?

As close as a breath.
Don't you find it refreshing that there is no “instruction manual” on breathing? Why would you need one, you have been breathing since you were birthed onto this Earth and you are breathing right now as you are reading or listening to these very words. The only difference is that, as you have entered and are now living in and with New Energy, you now have the potential to become conscious of your breath.

Conscious of the act of breathing.

And that's it.

Now do you come to understand the feeling of your breath traveling through your entire body? Your entire Being. Not just your nose or your mouth or your lungs, but every cell, every awareness, every level, here and in other realms. And Dear Ones, that is going on every few seconds with each inhale and each exhale.

Each breath is an experience of your Self circling back and knowing. Yet sharing all of this with those around you on Earth and in other realms.

From Tobias
Just breathe. Go into yourself. Feel yourself—not all of the world’s outside energies, but yourself right now. It’s okay to do that. It’s not selfish. As a matter of fact, it is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

You know you can let down for just a moment, let down on the energies and the attachments to your children and to your spouse and to your job and business and this great shift on Earth right now and just come back into yourself.
Come back into you, into that sacred vessel that you call your body, into that sacred device called the mind. Come back into you … into your spirit, into this moment.

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