The World Doesn’t Appreciate You Enough - Heavenletter #5338

The World Doesn’t Appreciate You Enough

Heavenletter #5338, through Gloria Wendroff

July 6, 2015

God said:

Heaven is within you, not somewhere else. Heaven is not a place outside you, nor am I outside you. I am Within. I AM You. Where I am is Heaven. When you disavow yourself as One with Me, then you move yourself out of Heaven. Feeling isolated on Earth, you become a stranger to your Self.

I ask you to be your Self right now, just as you are within your human body. That I exist within you is fantastic, yet it is not a fantasy. Your present life is a fraud, a fictionalized fraud, as you walk uphill, carrying baggage that is not yours to carry. You are not this hapless character you profess to be. This is a part you play. This is to your betterment only in that, through this mirage, you will decide to discover your True Self and know that you are not relegated to the mere role you play as an ordinary human being.

Human beings are extraordinary. You are the extraterrestrial beings you talk about. You find yourself on Earth, yet you did not originate on Earth. You came here. You landed here. You came to help Earth and all the other extraterrestrial beings who live here for a while who, in effect, came in the same boat you did. You came of your own volition. You were not just plunked here.

Surely you have known or suspected that you are far more than an ordinary human being. There are no ordinary human beings. There is nothing ordinary about you. Well, what is ordinary is that you see yourself as a piece of goods. You buy into the idea that there is nothing special about you. Those on Earth who become well-known are like movie stars where an ideal of some kind is pasted onto them.

No one is ordinary, whatever the world may say. Fame does not make anyone remarkable. Bless the human beings who bless the world, famous or not. You are one of these human beings who blesses the world. You came to Earth in order to bless. Yes, this is why you came here. This is why you came here in My Name, and you accepted to come. Sing out your praises.

You don’t like it at all when you are not noticed. You deserved to be noticed and counted, yet it is really you who, in all modesty, do not notice and count yourself. You are the one who doesn’t appreciate your little self very much, nor do you appreciate your Self enough either.

When were you ever appreciated enough? You modeled yourself after others’ views of you. They called you Cry-baby or something untrue. What person whose soul is not appreciated would not cry?

Every single one of you on Earth were born from Me. This awareness has been neglected along the way. Which child of Mine does not require and, despite world measurements, deserve ungiven appreciation and more than a thimbleful? And how many receive it more than less? That a thimbleful may be your ration is a grievous error.

If this is the case for you, never mind, for minding what the world thinks of you is your error.

The world cannot give you what you deserve and desire. The world just doesn’t know how. It’s a shame, yet it’s also okay. Derive your appreciation from Me - your own Inner Self.

There is no point in your decrying the lacks of others and putting their omissions on yourself.

My love for you does not seem to make up for neglect from others. This is how it seems to be. One person on Earth does not say one loving word to you, and you are dashed. The One God can sing your praises, and you do not feel compensated for the neglect of one other human being. Wouldn’t you think that One Word from Me would compensate you for all the slurs in the world, yet that does not seem to be how it works. It has been hard for you to compensate yourself for even the tiniest omission. Is this not true?

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