Who Or What Is God?

Creation is not external to you; it is your experience of yourself. ~ Story Waters

Who Or What Is God?

By Story Waters at WhenHuman

July 19, 2015

When human, no matter what you hear about God, no matter if you choose to use a different word to point at Source Consciousness, if you wish to be free of the mental conditioning of religion then to know thyself is to know you are what religion has called God.

I am God that I am. Because I am, I am God. All that has beingness is God. God is being - the choice to be. All that are, are God, because to be God is to be. God is. God is not a thing; it is no thing. Everything is God. God is the all and the nothing. No definition can contain God. God encompasses all definition. Anything that is, that possesses the quality of isness, is God. You are the unfolding of the choice to experience existence. You are God.

In saying ‘God’ I mean no more and no less than the beingness from which all experience flows. No more means I attach no limitation to it - no mechanism of control such as ideology or dogma. No less means it is All That Is, including all expressions of limitation, such as ideology and dogma. God is the infinite freedom to be from which all realities birth. Being that which underlies all that is experienced, God is both the creator and perceiver of all experience. It is that which creates itself - the creator and the created. God is that which you are - the unfolding creation of your own beingness.

The personified God, as represented in many religions, is a denial of our power of creation. Though these religions seek to connect us with an idea of God, they also enforce a belief that we are separate from that divinity. They then sell themselves as the one true gateway across this divide, making the route to God pass through their own set of rules. Though organized religion was once a representative expression of the age, it no longer reflects the sense of the divine that people are experiencing. This experience is typified by the feeling of God within, and is being reflected in people choosing to form their own personally defined sense of spirituality, rather than taking on the traditional dogma of religion. We are choosing to step back into conscious creatorship.

God is present in all of creation. To feel a sunset is to feel a reflection of God. To fully experience your Godhood is to connect with the power of creation that you are. To fully experience anything is to be it. That is what creation is. Creation is the power to be. To say God is infinitely free, is to say that God can be anything. God is the infinitely free power to be. To grasp this is to let go of the idea of God as a person. In you, God is a person. In a tree, God is a tree. In a river, God is a river. What God chooses to be, God is. You are that power to be. Creation is not external to you; it is your experience of yourself.

You are God choosing to embody the power of creation. A person is the choice of God to experience the power of creation as an individual. This is expressed as your individuated free-will. You define your individuality with your free-will. You are God choosing the experience of being you. Free-will is not just the ability to choose between things; it is the ability to choose what you are. Your free-will is your power of creation. You are the infinitely free power of creation choosing to be you. This power to create is your Godself - the essence of you. It is that which chooses - that which is choosing you. You are the choice of yourself.

All that you experience flows from your Godself. It is your ever changing expression of being. Your beingness is the experience of your unfolding creation; this includes not only your complete inner experience, but also the experience of your external reality. You are experiencing different aspects of beingness through the creation of your reality. Just as God is the creator of All That Is and is All That Is so you are both the creator of your beingness and the experience of that beingness. Your experience of the reality you are creating is the expression of your being.

Reality is not something separate from you, not something you are contained within. It is the expression of what you are choosing to be. You are not just creating your inner experience of self; you are creating the experience of your complete reality. The word experience is used repeatedly here as what you are, is experience. Experience is being. Experience is. You are not contained within your body, your history, or your knowledge; though they are meaningfully chosen creative expressions, they are not what you are. You are the experience of yourself and you are the creator of that experience.

To experience your Godself is to experience yourself as the creator of your reality. To create something is to choose it, therefore to know yourself as the creator of your being is to embrace that you are choosing your experience. To accept you are choosing your experience you must stand in the breadth of perspective that sees the wisdom of that choice. This is to love that choice, which is to love yourself; for if you do not love what you are, how can you believe that you are choosing it? The experience of your Godself is consciously realized through universal, unconditional love for All That You Are. Your reality is your choice in this moment and that moment of choice is continually unfolding. The desire of your Godself to be alive is the motion of that unfolding. It is the energy of I Am.

Initially it may be easier to see your Godself as the will that guides creation and the creation of that will (your reality) as the experience. This can be a useful distinction on the journey to the realization of your Godself, because we experience the buffer of time between our desire and its manifestation into reality. However, as you start to experience your unity with All That Is, so you will come to see how the desire for an experience, and the experience of that desire, are one and the same. Initially this is felt as the diminishing of the delay between your willing for something and its manifestation into reality. This is to come to live in the Now, in the unfolding, where it is realized that there is no separation between your will and its realization into reality. To see through the illusion of time is to see that there is only the Now. The Now is the unfolding of the eternal moment of creation.

To deny that your reality is your will, is to deny your creatorship - your Godself. As a result of this denial, those areas of your life that you believe are outside of your control are indeed outside of your control, until such time that you take back that power of creatorship. By denying you are the creator you give away your power of creation and, as a result, you will have experiences that you cannot believe you would create for yourself. These experiences are the manifestation of your belief that you are not the creator of your reality. They reflect an aspect of your being that you are in denial of. You cannot cease being the creator, for you cannot stop being, instead you simply come to manifest your denial of your creatorship. To consciously be God, you must believe you are God.

When you come to realize yourself as the creator, you will see that it was in your creative choice to give away your power of creation that you created all that you cannot believe you would create. All experiences are a choice, even the choice to give away your power of choice; it is your choice to not choose - the freedom of the infinite to be finite. Know however that the choice to take back your power of creation can never leave you. That is the freedom of your will. That is your creatorship. It is your beingness, and it can never leave you, for that is what you are.

You are the choice to be a creator. Nothing except you can hold you from the realization that you create your own experience. Ultimately you are the only force in the universe that blocks you, for your will is free to choose anything. To live in limitlessness is to feel the courage to take total responsibility for the state of your life, for it is to know that you are the creator of your life. It is to experience, through the clarity of love for your being, that you are God.

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