Re-thinking The Common Cold

Some "food for thought" regarding colds ...

There's an underlying fear behind the belief that we can "catch something" from interacting with people or things.

It doesn't seem like fear, does it? It seems like being practical.

After all, we've been taught from infancy that this is how things work - if we avoid things that cause colds we won't get colds. Colds are bad. They feel bad, they're not our normal way of being, they're annoying, they make life miserable, we can "pass them" (and the misery) on to others, which we are loathe to do.

How do we know this? Because that's what we've been taught. That's what we teach each other. The beliefs are so ingrained that we don't even question them.

But what if we started questioning those beliefs?

What if we began to recognize that the potential for illness always exists? What if we began to realize that there are all sorts of organisms in the human body all the time, organisms that have the potential for illness but that coexist without ever turning into illness? We can "get a cold" or anything else, without contact with anyone or anything, because the potentials are always inside us.

So the real question is not how do we avoid getting colds, but "What causes a potential to turn into an actuality?" In other words, what if we shifted our entire perspective of germs and illness and their place in our world?

Many of us recognize at some level that we're making it all up anyway, what if we made it up differently? Differently in an empowering rather than a disempowering way?

The cycle of birth and death isn't going to go away from our reality until we - as a mass consciousness - stop being afraid of it. I'd venture to say that nothing is going to be released from our reality until we stop being afraid of it, including illness.

I know that our rational mind has difficulty accepting that there are shifts going on, changes within the actual physical structure of our bodies. How can that be? No one is doing anything physical to our bodies that we can see, how can there be changes happening internally?

We're very much geared toward thinking that a physical change cannot possibly be initiated energetically, emotionally, through intent, through expectation, as an external representation of emotional issues, or any way other than physical. It's what we're taught. It's what we teach each other. It's what we expect. You can only change something physically in the body with something physical, that's just the way it is. Or so we believe. That "something physical" could be hands, an instrument, medicine, food, virus, germs, organisms, or any number of things, but we've got this notion that whatever affects the body it must be physical; must be something we can identify and see.

What if that's not the only way? What if there were other ways to affect the physical body other than with some other physical thing?

(If you don't think such a thing is possible, listen to the story of Anita Moorjani, author of "Dying To Be Me.")

Our bodies are amazing vehicles, capable of far more than we give them credit for. We can continue to see physical issues like colds as "there must be something wrong here, something that needs to be fixed". We can feel defeated, annoyed, or upset about having a cold, or we can choose to shift our perception. We can start to see issues like colds as "This is great! my body's response to energetic releasing and reformatting is to ooze gunk! sweet! yay! go for it body, release all that you need to release cuz I'm ready to shift into a different way of being."

Which is true? Either can be true, depending on our perspective. I would ask instead "which is more empowering?" Do you feel excited and inspired by holding the cold as a bad thing that's making you miserable, or do you feel excited and inspired by holding it as a good thing, something that's helping you and your body reach new levels of wellness?

You are a powerful creator. Will you choose to see yourself as creator, who brought the cold to yourself for your own powerful reasons and see it from that standpoint, or will you continue to believe you are a victim, at the mercy of germs and organisms and others who "spread" these things so that you "catch" them?

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