Let It Go - Taryn Crimi

"Let It Go"

September 1, 2014 by angelicguides
through Taryn Crimi

Today we would like to focus your attention upon the importance of letting go. As many of you have experienced, you are in the midst of a very large transition. Though it is proving to be quite challenging for some of you, we can assure you that all this “hard work” will be more than worth the effort. Certainly you have each heard time and time again how important it is to release and let go of all that continually boils to the surface but we would like to share our perspective with you in hopes of helping you gain some clarity in these great times of change.

Certainly there are many layers of this transition, as some will last for years while the one we are speaking of will likely last a period of a few more weeks. As many of you are well aware, you are being met with large life changes, decisions which can and will alter your reality and the experiences you have in it. Some of you are changing locations, changing career paths, or changing relationships, friends and interests.

As we stated in the first month of your year, this year would present you with a multitude of opportunities for you to put to use all that you have learned, all that you have been integrating; this year would present you with the opportunity to trust that all will work out in your favor if you simply allow it to. Though if you felt compelled to force your desired outcome to manifest you would likely be met with many frustrating challenges on your journey. It is likely that those of you reading these words have manifested a combination of experiences; some in which you were awe struck at how easily your desires came together with such ease, while other experiences were made far more difficult and complicated than they could have been.

Much of what is transpiring at this time is the shift into what you have always been, what you have always had and what you always received into what you now wish to be, what you wish to have and what desires you wish to receive. All that you have been envisioning, praying for and focusing on is now coming to fruition. For some this is an exhilarating time, one filled with many joyful experiences and momentous occasions. You are starting to see some of your dreams begin to unfold and you can see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. But not everything and everyone can come through that tunnel with you. You are being met with the challenge of letting go. This is something that so many humans struggle with. We perceive the largest fear that humans hold in regards to letting go is that it won’t be replaced with something equal or better; that you are being forced to loose something or someone in order to move forward. This is part of the process dear. You must be willing to let go of what you had to gain something new. This is manifesting as loosing friends, relationships, belongings and jobs. Though we assure you, you must let the manifestations of the old go so that you have room to welcome the new in. A void will always be filled, there can never be “nothing”.

Often times humans want to see what will be replacing the old before they are willing to truly let go; though this is not how the universe works. If you are being met with the challenge of letting go of something you fear will not be replaced, we remind you that this is the year to demonstrate the great strength and trust that you have in creating something far better.

We hope that we have in some way served you.

In love and light, we are you Angelic Guides

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