Last Chance Sale! Everything Must Go!

An image crossed my mind recently, about all the "stuff" that's coming up for a lot of us. Even those of us who aren't aware of ascension, or the Shift, have been working for years at clearing away karma and negativities and fears and all sorts of other lower vibrational feelings.

It's shocking, frustrating, and even hurtful to think that we've been clearing, clearing, clearing, and clearing some more, and we still have stuff that comes up that we have to deal with. In some cases, and/or in some areas of life, it's the worst it's ever been. The thought comes to mind, "Come on already! Haven't I gotten through this yet?" The answer to that is obvious. If it's in our face then, no, we haven't cleared it yet. So what the heck is going on?

What's going on is that the illusion of 3rd density, and for many of us even the illusion of duality - which can still occur in 4th, and to some degree, 5th density - is nearly over. Some of us are realizing - on very deep soul levels - that very soon we won't have to pretend anymore. For now, for what short time remains between now and 12/21/12, we're still agreeing to play the game. But come that date, the one we've agreed on as the final curtains on this game of third density, that illusion will be gone. Gone for those of us who wish it to be gone, not necessarily gone for everyone. For there is always the opportunity for people to continue to pretend that the old game of duality and separation exits. If that happens we can know that they aren't quite done with the experiences of duality.

And for now, neither are we. There's precious little time left in the agreement to abide by the veil. Which means there's precious little time left to examine the choices that we've made under that illusion. Once we are free of the agreement to play in that reality, we are free to let go of all of our thoughts and beliefs associated with it. So it's as if we're closing up shop, building a new shop behind the scenes, and selling off all the stuff that isn't appropriate for us to bring from the old shop to the new. We're having the mother of all clearance sales!

On a soul level, which is the only real level of decision-making for us as individual consciousness, we know we're about to move into the new shop, so we're working to get the very most value out of what we had in the old shop. The old shop wasn't bad, it was it's own experience. People came and went, goods came and went, experiences came and went, and now it's time for us to move on.

But while the old shop - or game - persists, we're milking it for every last ounce of growth and experience that we can. I see myself standing at the picture window of the huge shop that I called "me" (which is really "my belief systems" in this lifetime and others) in this game of 3rd density. It's as if I'm shouting out to all the Universe, "Last chance! Everything must go!" and that includes all the pain, agony, suffering, abuse, lack, anger, resentment, jealousy, revenge, victimhood, and whatever else is left from all the experiences and decisions that I made in my shop.

When I look closely I realize that nearly everything is gone - sold off, given away, or tossed - and the cleaning has been going on in earnest for some time. The broom of shifting consciousness has cleared out the heaviest layers of grime, it's only the stuff stuck deep in the corners, cracks, and crevices that is left. But that stuff is dug in pretty deep, and it takes some scrubbing to get it out. Scrubbing doesn't generally come without a degree of effort. But it's worth it. I look forward to being able to drop completely this challenging game that we've played together for so long. It truly is time. I can't wait to introduce you all to my new shop, and I cannot wait to see yours!

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