Foes Becoming Friends

What a powerful and heart-warming story, reposted from the original on The 2012 Scenario:

Foes Now Friends: US Stealth Pilot and the Serb Who Shot Him Down

It's rare that I disagree with Steve Beckow, but I disagree with the last sentence of his intro to this piece. He says
"I understand that some people will have suffered a great deal from people considered enemies and may find the thought of making peace with their oppressors difficult. It’s wonderful that in this case, peace was able to be made. ... I don’t intend this article to imply it will be easy to do on all occasions or that people who’ve been traumatized by others should necessarily be following suit."
Steve doesn't feel that all people "should necessarily follow suit", but I do. In my mind the action taken to become friends by these two previous enemies is appropriate for our future, for all of us. It's now time for each of us to realize that we set up the game, and as a group consciousness we can run it by any rules we like. We can be done with war, done with lack, done with abuse, done with making and following rules intended to control rather than guide. Done with anything that isn't respectful of others no matter who they are or where they call home.

Making peace with our "enemies" - as these two have done - is just the beginning. Appreciating and honoring those who have harmed us or wished us harm is next. Laughing - together! - at "the fun we had!", even when our life has included abuse, murder, poverty, grief, anger, resentment, revenge, or any other negative - even abhorrent -experience, is the final piece. Appreciation and honor are, after all, the attitudes that we have when we transition out of our bodies. Why not start now while we're still in our bodies?

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