Are You A Healer?

As we move into the New World, we are each searching for those innate skills that allow us not only to be Who We Are in every sense, but give us the inspiration and motivation to live fully and completely.

Many of the early awakeners - the lightworkers, lightholders, way-showers etc. - are healers of one sort or another, incarnate on Earth at this time to assist in the ascension of the planet and it's people. Perhaps you are such a one without realizing it? Search inside, that's where all the answers lie.

Here's Veronica, through April and Allen Crawford, with this month's Inner Whispers message.


Never underestimate the power of connection with your spiritual abilities.

If you feel the call to heal, it is important that you allow that energy to flow.

It is a time of change. The laying on of hands and its ability to make a difference for others is a real ability within.

Denying or questioning the reality of it only delays the overall alignment that is needed.

There are many gifted healers upon the earth at this time. Most feel the denseness of physical reality, which often makes them doubt the trueness of their abilities. In times of struggle, these very healers incarnated to be that avenue of assistance. It is important to push past the doubt so that others may benefit.

Whether it's emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual healing that is required, spirit will support the gifts within you.

Each day breathe deeply in appreciation and go forth to others who would need you.

Bringing balance to a distorted reality is a challenge. However, there are many incarnate, so allow your energy to bond. In that unison, more than just a single energy will be balanced. Perhaps a whole segment of a linear congested world will feel the effects as well.

Be encouraged to align with your abilities. The reality is in great need of your energy. Give of it freely so that your vibration can lift the linear to where it needs to be.

Again, be who you are.

If you are a healer...

Be the healer without any doubt.

~ VERONICA through April Crawford

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