Taking Back Our Power

There's been a lot of debate going on in spiritual and ET circles in particular this week, about what's happening or not happening in our world right now. Have you been following it? If not, the controversy is around when and how our world (the Earth and all those upon her) is going to be restored to the freedom and sovereignty that is our natural state, albeit a state we haven't experienced for millenia.

If you've seen the documentary movie called Thrive, you'll have realized that human beings have been operating under deception and lies for our entire lifetime, and who can say how many lifetimes before that. It's not an easy thing restoring an entire race to their individual sovereignty, and even more challenging when you realize that we are, as a race, at the forefront of doing this for our entire Universe. The stakes are high, higher than any of us can even begin to comprehend on a human level.

No matter how challenging it may be, however, the outcome is not up for debate. This planet, and this race, are being returned to the sovereignty, peace, love, joy, cooperation, and freedom that is our innate nature. How that happens, when it happens, and what it looks like as it happens is up to us.

Make no mistake, this is our world, and we, collectively, say how it's going to be. We have all the help in the Universe at our disposal, whether we can see those who are helping, whether we even know they exist, or not. Because in all truth we are them, and they are us. Our inability to know that is the basis of the fear paradigm that has been running this planet.

The question of "what's really happening right now?" is unanswerable at the human level. In most cases we are working blind, not knowing who to trust. To me, that's really the crux of the issue. If we're looking for someone else to tell us what to think, how to feel, how to be, or what to do, then we are continuing to operate inside the old fear paradigm. We can no longer require our fellow humans to carry the weight of this burden for us. We must, each and every one of us, stand in our own knowing, our own feeling, listening to our own hearts. Of course we can be informed by the words, beliefs, and actions of others. But to rely on those sources, to expect them to be responsible for our dreams, our hopes, our desires, to ask them to be what we ourselves are unwilling to be, does nothing but disempower both them and us.

It probably seems really simplistic to say that the solution to all of this is to follow your heart, speak your truth, stay out of fear, drama, upset, remorse, anger. To be the light, the unconditional love, the joy, the cooperation, the understanding, that we really are, and to beam that out to the world simply by being it. Simplistic, but true. The absolute, most helpful thing we can do is to BE the joy, the love, the fun, the spontaneity, the acceptance, the forgiveness, the compassion, the wisdom that makes up Who We Really Are.

It doesn't matter if we're being deceived, and it doesn't matter if/when others disagree with us. On an individual basis, we aren't them, we cannot know their individual path. What matters is that each of us, as separate and unique individuals, respect and appreciate our own sovereignty, and that we respect that same sovereignty in everyone else - even if those others don't appear to us to be exercising their sovereignty. When we recognize, accept, and act from the stand that no one - No One - has any power over us that we do not agree to give them, that is when we are our own sovereign being. It's all about learning to believe in ourselves, in our connection to Source - by whatever name you give it - and following that inner guidance no matter where it leads us.

I hope you will join me in the knowing - as an empowered, loving, compassionate, from the core of our beings knowing - that all is well in all of creation, including with each and every one of us, right here, right now. Despite what may seem to be going on around us.

"We are the ones we've been waiting for." Not Obama is the one we've been waiting for. Not David Wilcock is the one we've been waiting for. Not Drake is the one we've been waiting for. Not friendly ETs are the ones we've been waiting for. Us. Each and every one of us, holding our power, creating joy in our lives, releasing fear from our lives, taking responsibility for everything that comes into our awareness, are the ones we've been waiting for. Make no mistake, we have arrived. And we support those in the forefront best when we act from within our own sovereignty.

With love, joy, fun, and appreciation for each and every one of you, this message is my gift to you: You are a treasure to the Universe, you are more powerful than you can even imagine, and you are deeply loved.

~ k

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