Riding the Wave

I hope these words from my friends Eddie BenAbraham and the "e" are a comfort to you as you ride your own personal wave of ascension!

Quantum Living

By Eddie BenAbraham NT in The "E" Channelling 2012 and Beyond (a Facebook group)
Channeled 6-11-12

Greetings sweet ones we are the e and are at your service.

No where in the universe will it be calm in the next few months, the anticipation, the excitement, the love and the sheer joy of the transition you are going through will shatter every old paradigm known throughout the universe.

You are known to those who are watching as the children of the single sun, a single sun which has the outmost unique properties enabling the pristine life on your planet of free choice.

Your solar system was not one which reflected signs of life since many other solar systems out there, which support life, have more than one sun to evolve with. Now your emanating high vibration has eliminated the notion of lifeless system and they are all aware of you.

Your energy stamp has created a frequency thumper the same way your heart’s pulse can be felt in many parts of your body, so is your frequency array is traveling the lattice reaching the farthest reaches of the universe.

So grand it is, so immense is your importance. So many times we hear you think how alone and helpless you feel, but... if you could only see what we see, if only we could show you just for one moment the level of care and the love you are all being exposed to at any given time. That would be a life changing experience even for one who is filled with anger and darkness, it will shake the one to its core knowing so much is done to make sure you are not in harms way.

Sounds like science fiction, well we are sure it would have toped the charts should any one made it into a movie.

The months ahead are all about the shift, the weeks, days, hours. Living in a time where you are going to shift the course of history into a reality which no one has ever experienced anywhere on any planet. The momentum has been building for the last 20 years and now it is time to take the actual step and cross the bridge.

The inner spark

There is a spark within each and every one of you, this spark is the very door to the energy you call home, it is a door, it is a commonality of a whole which exists with-in each and every one of you. This commonality is becoming more aware of its existence; many more are growing and learning to play with the connection. The grid is the key for this connection, this intelligence is your entire existence living and growing continuously in one location... with-in you!

There are many ways we can describe the commonality of human consciousness, which means many will identify it with many names at first but then, as time progresses you will all discover it is one and the same. It is all of you in one big soup of god consciousness.

Tapping into this place, this dimension, this reality is not one which requires days, hours, or minutes of meditation, it is instantaneous it is immediate, it is quantum. Your field is changing to match the frequency of the Mantel Grid which is enabling you the free access to this grand source of love, knowledge, connection to all there is and so much more that it will sound just like part of our science fiction movie if we try to offer more.

The actual layers of energy are now folding into place, it is no longer possible to say “I cannot feel anything”, each and every living expression on Gaia is now experiencing something that is of direct effect of the shift.

What we are saying is hang on and get ready for the ride of a lifetime.

Long Lines

Did you know that there are more humans on Gaia than any other time; do you think it is a coincidence? Hardly! The lines to come in to earth are “jammed”, they are rejoicing with excitement, who will be next to enter the only planet of free choice during shift that has never taken [place] before anywhere.

Is it that hard to believe? Is it that hard to imagine that you all are part of this amazing experience that so many want to take part of?

Some will say yes “I don’t believe it, look at what is going on in the Middle East, in Africa, the economy. Why come to this place? it is full of misery” harsh indeed, the old is still playing its roll trying to grab to the last strands of diminishing threads and while it is doing so, it will make sure it does it with a loud outcry.

Dear souls, we know you are in a place where it is hard to see the entire picture, even more when so much is hidden from you but, we ask of you to find the time emanate the love with-in to those spots which are in need of healing the most in this time. It will enable you to find calm and peace and at the same time, work magic as it did so many times before.

The Keyword

Compassion is the keyword and with it you can make the darkest place shine with love using one single breath. In your scriptures it is written that God said let there be light and so it was. So we ask you now dear human angel… now that you know where god resides, what is stopping you from shining the light of God? Compassion will lead you there and love will turn the switch.

It will not be as clear as day and night, where the path is leading you, Quantum Living is as unknown as the word itself and time; will show the solutions and the tools for living under a new set of “rules” and “conditions”. Nowhere will it be hidden, even in the tribal areas of the hidden jungles, it will be a transition each and every one will be aware of and it has already started.

The ripples of energy waves are folding, the days are becoming challenging to maneuver we can see it is not easy dear human angel. So then we would like to remind you of something we talked about in the past, something that was written in a channel by our speaker, (they are referring to “The Unthinkable Era”) thinking your way through has its limitations which posses a challenge, even to the ones who are not at a place of stress.

Allow your thoughts to settle and make your intuition the “driver”. You will notice that things are not that difficult once you allow your conscious mind to rest. Living your daily life using your intuition fully, is what you would call Quantum Living.

You are on the path for making this the new way of living, it is part of the equation, it is part of what you have been waiting for so long. A relief from the old way, a relief from that which you would call - living in the third dimension. It is not that difficult dear ones it is rather simple however, the one making it tough is the fear of your conscious mind to let go.

Freedom is attainable if you only choose to, the lifetime you have prepared yourself for so many lifetimes before is now on your doorstep, take the step, walk tall and proud.

We love you so dearly sweet ones wishing you an unthinkable moment.

And so it is.

The “E”

Copyright 2012 Eddie BenAbraham NT

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