Responsibility, Choice, Freedom, and Hate .. A New Beginning


For a long while now I've wanted to use this space to tackle the subject of responsibility. Not responsibility in the sense of doing a good job at work, obeying the laws, or taking care of your family. But responsibility as in taking full and complete responsibility for our part in creating and allowing everything - absolutely everything - that we experience.

We live in a litigious society, one where finding fault and assigning blame has been a way of life. The need to assign blame is an obvious response in a world where responsibility is shifted off of self and onto other. We learned how to be that way from being in a society that is that way. It's a circular thing, and not surprising that we find ourself in such a world. But this cycle has to be broken. As we enter into a new year, aided by a new and profound energy, it makes sense to start building a world where we recognize - and accept - the power inherent in each of us. Maybe now is a good time to find another way.

It sounds strange, maybe even impossible, to look at life as a creation that each of us has control over. The obvious question is "If we can create everything, all of our experiences, why would we - do we - create the world the way that it is?" That really is a great question .. why do we create the world in the way that we do, with all the hate, war, struggle, and atrocities that we hear and read about?

I admit that I don't have an answer to that question. The only thing I can say is "but we do". We each create our own portion of it, and all those "our portions" add up to complete the whole. The Law of Attraction is unwavering in her fairness, she will bring together like vibrations even if those vibrations are (to those standing on the sidelines) despicable.

Can we control the thoughts, beliefs, and actions of other people? Think carefully here, there are nearly 7 billion "other" humans on the planet right now! The answer is .. "of course not". It's ludicrous to even try. But try we do! We think that everyone should think as we do, believe what we do, behave like we do. Generally speaking we have very little tolerance for those who oppose our stand on about any issue up for discussion.

The key phrase attributed to Jane Roberts' Seth was "You create your own reality". Seth was speaking of both you singular and you plural, meaning that it's through each of our individual thoughts, beliefs, and actions that the world becomes what it is.

So instead of trying to change everyone else, the more useful action would be to manage our own personal reality, allowing others to see what's possible for them through their experience of us. Allowing them to see and feel and know that they can live a different way, bring different experiences into their reality, if they choose it.

The underlying issue here is that we don't want to believe that we really are that powerful. But we are. From the most exciting facets of our lives to the most mundane to the most upsetting we create and allow them all. "You are a child of God and God also" as Saint-Germain through Alexandra Mahlimay continually reminds us.

And the key to acknowledging and accepting that power is to accept responsibility for everything - everything - that comes into our awareness. We don't have to know how or why, and we certainly don't need to dwell on it, we only need to acknowledge that we had a hand in it, and then let it go. In the letting go we can choose a different reaction, a different creation, a different possibility, a different probability. For each and every thing that happens there are untold other experiences possible, if we only stop for the half second it takes to choose something different.


An empowering question to ask, in any and every moment in time is .. "Is this what I want to create?" This question can easily be understood in relation to what we are living through in our personal lives, but it has huge implications on what's happening in the world at large also. Yes, we are that powerful.

If the answer to the question "Is this what I want to create?" is "Yes!", "Yes, this is something I want to create!" .. woohoo for us! A time to celebrate our creation(s), revel in the moment, accept that we had a hand in the creation, reiterate to the Universe that yes, this is grand! .. more please!

If it's not what we wish to create, if we're left thinking "I would like something different", all there is to do is accept the creation as it is, then re-focus attention on what we want to create instead. As Abraham likes to remind us, we don't need to know how to bring our desires into reality, that's the Universe's job. We only need to focus our attention and feelings on what we want and not on what we don't want. Focusing on what we don't want (on the creation or experience that didn't turn out to our liking) only gets us more of that. This is true for both personal and global experiences. Don't want war on the planet? Don't focus on people not getting along, focus on all of us coming together in love, joy, and acceptance instead. The good news is .. it starts in your personal world.

I should add here that the common response - for me and everyone else that I know - isn't generally "I would like something different." My/our typical response is "omg, this sucks! I didn't create this. No way. They (the infamous 'they') did this to me! I would never have created something like this!"

I never said this was going to be easy. But it is simple: Did you create your own experience? Yes, you did. Yes, you did bring that upon yourself. You didn't necessarily do it consciously. In fact, it's almost guaranteed that you didn't do it consciously, and that's really the point. Being aware of our thoughts and beliefs helps us regain power over them. All that's left to do, once an experience - whatever it is - is right in your face is stop and acknowledge that yes, you did bring this to you. You may not know how, or why, but you did. Accepting your responsibility in the matter is key, followed by a shift in focus.


There is such a sense of freedom in accepting our own responsibility in the matter of our own lives - and in the happenings on our planet - even if we don't know how it came about. We don't need to know how a car works to drive one, likewise we don't need to know how the human vessel works in order to create from within it. All it takes is acknowledging the god in you, and accepting that we are all connected. As an individual one cannot possibly experience everything that there is to experience, that's why all this uniqueness was created - to give All That Is uncountable numbers of experiences that could not be had as a single unit. Hence the creation of "other". Inside of that massive creation, each experience counts, whether it's an experience you like or don't like, agree with or don't agree with.

Once we acknowledge that everything, absolutely everything, that comes into our awareness/experience is something that we had a hand in creating, we have access to choosing differently. If we don't accept our part in the creation of our own life experiences, we live forever inside the victimness that says someone else can do something to us. They cannot. "Other" is not more powerful than each of us inside the parameters of our own lives. They only appear to be more powerful when we don't accept our part in the creation of our experience.

It's an amazing and powerful tool, likely the most power tool we have at our disposal, the tool called Choice. We can choose, in any and every moment, to continue on the path we are traveling, or we can choose differently. All it takes is stopping long enough to remember that we have choice, and then being willing to give up being right for the opportunity to be what we desire. Would you rather be happy or be right? The tiniest little shift in awareness, in attitude, in acceptance, unlocks the door.

So how do we get there?

Hate and ... a New Beginning

One place to start is by choosing not to continue with feelings of hate. At this time in our evolution, hate is an emotion whose work has been done, it's time to release it and move on to the more powerful emotions of joy and love. No matter what someone did to you, no matter what you did to someone else, the time is now to release those feelings and choose acceptance instead. Inside acceptance is the opportunity to shift the energy, and our work now is all about shifting energy away from what we don't want and toward what we do want.

A very wise woman once told me that the answer to every question that I have at this time is "It Just Is". "Why this?" "why that?" "why something else .. ??" These are questions that I would ask constantly. Nothing about my own behavior or the behavior of others made sense to me, and it was driving me crazy. But the reasons are no longer important, and rehashing the question only keeps us stuck in the energy of it.

So I would ask you this - do you think that it is possible to live without any kind of hatred at all, even the "baby" variety like resentment, blame, guilt and revenge? Are you willing to give up victim feelings and embrace your own power to choose differently instead? Can you look at every experience that you have - good, bad, or indifferent - and say "I did that!" "I created that!" "I allowed that!" And if it's not something you'd like to experience again, refocus. Accept responsibility for the event or experience and choose something different going forward. Can you start, right inside your own life, using your own power of conscious choice to refocus, recreate something beautiful out of negative experiences?

John Cali and Chief Joseph had some interesting comments on releasing hate. It might help you to move toward acceptance and forgiveness and out of blame and guilt. Here it is in its entirety:

A Life Without Hatred

This week's video gives us a glimpse into the life of an amazing woman, Alice Herz-Sommer. Alice's story is perfect for this holiday season when many folks' thoughts turn to peace on earth.

John Cali

A few weeks ago, on November 26, Alice celebrated her 107th birthday. She's the oldest living Holocaust survivor.

Alice, an accomplished pianist, says music helped her and others survive the horrors of the concentration camps. As she put it, "Music was our food." Today, at 107 years young, she still practices the piano three hours a day.

Despite enduring the horrors of those concentration camps and losing her family there, today she leads a happy, fulfilling life. She does not hate the Nazis. As she put it, "Hatred brings only hatred."

Alice is a powerful shining example of what a life without hatred can do to help heal a wounded world.

Here's Chief Joseph.

Chief Joseph

While most of you have never experienced what Alice did, you still harbor what you might call "minor hatreds."

Is there a family member you feel resentment toward? Is there a co-worker you don't like? Do you hate your job? Do you hang on to hurtful experiences after they're long past? Do you resent, or harbor grudges against, even yourself for your past mistakes?

Most humans have had these experiences, or some variation of them. And that's fine. All such experiences are simply part of your growth as human beings.

But you create problems and barriers when you insist on hanging onto those memories, those experiences, and all the pain and anguish.

In fact, we observe you so often creating memorials to your pain and suffering. How many "war memorials" do you have? Monuments to suffering, pain, and hatred?

While we respect your natural desire to honor those who have suffered and died in your human struggles, we do not think it's a good thing to keep all the suffering and pain fresh in your minds and awareness. The saying you have -- "We shall never forget." -- dooms you to continually reliving what you'd be far better off forgetting.

The only way you will achieve world peace is to follow Alice's example and refuse to let hatred live in your hearts. No matter what has happened in the past. As she said, "Hatred brings only hatred."

And love brings only love.

Every hateful thought you hold contributes to the wounding of the world. Every loving thought you hold contributes to the healing of the world.

Live a life without hatred. Live a life with only love. Then you will create the world you've always dreamed of.


However you celebrate this time of the year, Chief Joseph and I wish you and all your loved ones a most beautiful and blessed season. God bless you all!
This is going to be an extraordinary year, and you are here, on planet earth at this time, being a part of it. What a joy! and what an honor! to be a human at this time. It is my honor to be here creating and experiencing it with you! As the days move forward may your awareness continue to increase, and the life you choose continue to unfold.

With much love and appreciation for what you do and who you be,


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