Happy Winter Solstice!

12-21-2010* .. what an auspicious day! Today enters into the atmosphere of Earth a new energy. Profound. Filled with possibility. But an energy that brings with it a huge responsibility to each and every one of us. A responsibility to release the game of third dimensional reality, with its inherent duality and lack of choice, and embrace who we are - and who we are becoming - as greater dimensional beings.

In this new energy, life can be joyful and full of ease and excitement, or it can be difficult, upsetting, and painful. The choice lies in what we choose to hold on to, what we choose to embrace. If we hold onto anger, upset, blame, guilt, revenge, "you're not ok", "I'm not ok", "they're not ok" we are going to get back those things - in spades. If not released, these negative emotional qualities - mostly born out of training and habit - are going to send our physical and emotional bodies reeling. If, on the other hand, we continue to release release release judgement, blame, guilt and similar thoughts, beliefs, and emotions - about ourself and other - we will have smooth sailing into the new world.

Although it might sound like it is, this is not a time for fear! In fact, this is a time to release fear and embrace trust once and for all. Make no mistake, the time is now to be that which we know ourselves to be, in all our loving glory.

The following was received a year and a half ago, but fits so perfectly with where we are now. May it help guide you on your amazing journey!

A Message From The Arcturians
The Arcturians through Suzan Caroll
April 24, 2009

Dear Ones,

Perhaps, deep inside your consciousness, or even in your dreams, you have been hearing:


You may have also heard your ego/self trying to make deals and bargains, as if there is a cost to your full awakening. In your Soul, you know that this third dimensional “deal making” is the very thinking that restricts your full awakening. Therefore, we wish to assist you to better understand and accept this message, which we have been whispering to your consciousness.

You, dear Ones, are the First. You awakened, or never forgot, while most of the world still slumbered in illusion. Your Truth set you apart from others, so you kept your knowing buried deep inside. You entered into the many dramas of third dimensional life, as well as the joys of imagination, creativity, nature, friends, family and love. But your complete SELF was always a secret—to others, as well as to your self.

Fortunately, as you walked your Path, you gradually awakened to your Complete SELF. We have seen the many disclaimers and challenges that your ego/self has created. Furthermore, your human still seeks recognition, reward if you will, for a life well lived, a job well done. It is this seeking for acclaim that sidetracks you in your process of awakening, for it is the voice of your wounded ego seeking to be healed. We wish to say to you that only YOU can give your ego that gift.

Take this moment now to fully recognize your ego/self for a job well done, for walking the arduous journey through the fears and illusions of the third dimension. Congratulate your ego for remembering to call upon Spirit to remember your SELF. Love your ego as a huge tree loves the small seed from which it once sprouted.

Plant this seed of your SELF deep in the body of Gaia and commit your courageous, victorious ego/self to being the core of Gaia. What greater recognition could your ego ever achieve than to become ONE with planet Earth.

Feel the radiating pulse of your ego/self as it breathes the breath of Gaia and beats within Her heart.

Within the core of your planetary heart, begin the process of BEING your Complete SELF. In this way, you become not only your Complete Human SELF, but your Complete Planetary SELF, as well.

Once you have awakened to your Planetary SELF, you will begin to awaken to the many expressions of your Galactic SELF who has taken form on other planets, galaxies and dimensions.

Love your SELF who is a mighty Being, a wondrous Planet and a glorious Galaxy.

With every footfall, with every breath and with every thought—remember to say

“I AM ready to BE my Complete SELF!”

We have sent you this mantra to assist you to be your SELF in your daily life.

The Game is ending, the veils of illusion are lifting, the polarities are merging and YOU are becoming your SELF.

The Divine POWER
Unconditional LOVE
And Infinite WISDOM
Of your Complete SELF is being called forth to create your new reality.

Remember your Complete Human SELF
Remember your Complete Planetary SELF
Remember you Complete Galactic SELF

This is the Clarion Call to awaken NOW!

We are here to guide and advise,
The Arcturians

Copyright © 2009 Suzan Caroll, Multi-Dimensions
* In numerology, 12-21-2010 is a triple digit number 3-3-3 (interestingly enough, there are four 3-3-3 dates this month). It's also the Winter Solstice. And we're having a complete lunar eclipse. A lunar eclipse falling on the Winter Solstice is an event that hasn't happened since 1378. Fun!

Remember that you are loved, and you are never alone.

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