The Immensity of Your Being

To begin with, what seems to be never really is. From that intellectually disturbing premise, I urge you to launch into a much more hopeful and, at the same time, realistic imaging. One might almost say, to redesign the world doesn't take war machinery and diplomacy. Rather it requires the enormous courage to remember: to remember the dreams of childhood, the hopes of Now, and the infinite possibilities in the name of Love that exist within each of you. You have all forgotten that you are men and women of God. You have forgotten the empowerment that this offers.

So, what have I said? That this is not a time for despair or gloom and dire predictions, but a time for recalling the immensity of your being, the golden intent of your coming, and the courageous willingness of your presence here and now, again, in the name of Love itself. Please do not be afraid to believe. Faith in the inherent goodness of humanity is the path out of the forest of conflict and back to the garden of peace and compassion.

Emmanuel, through Pat Rodegast

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