Who Are You?

In a fascinating channel titled "Energetic Consciousness", Kryon offered the following:
Let me give you something to think about. I'm going to ask a question right now. It's going to be a rhetorical one. Who are you? I have old souls in front of me and reading this. There's a woman in the room who won't wear red, and you know who you are. I'll tell you why. Because it got you killed! Because that was the color of the plume on your helmet, warrior. Because you were the captain and the enemy before you in that battle knew if they would take you out, your whole regiment would be in disarray and that's what happened. Wearing red not only killed you, it killed everyone around you! You'll never wear red. You just don't like the color. It's just not for you. You shun it, don't you, old soul? Therefore, as you sit here, who are you? Are you the warrior who got killed, or the woman in 2010 who won't wear red?
We are both - and neither. We are the sum total of all of our experiences as a Soul, and all of that information resides energetically in both our DNA and in the Akashic records of the planet. And it affects us subconsciously, if we allow it to.

Whenever we aren't being aware of the Now moment, we're living from the information of our past. That information can serve us in achieving what we want, or it can be a detriment, keeping us from what we want. In either case, it's just a habit of thought, and thoughts can be changed .. and so can habits! It all starts with awareness. Awareness allows us to see or realize that a door is there. Intent to make the change opens the door, and inspired action moves us through the door. Change is on the other side!

I was reminded of that profoundly this week when my daughter-in-law showed me some sale literature for a set of dishes that I've been wanting. Even on sale, the price struck me like a tidal wave of energy. My immediate (and I have to admit, typical) response wasn't to thank her for doing research and offering this opportunity! instead my immediate (and typical) response was "hooo! that's expensive!" Which for me translates to "can't afford it." It's a well-ingrained habit for me to think of things as "can have" or "can't have" based on cost. "That's affordable" but "that is not". It's a habit I'm focusing on breaking up, and these types of reminders come to me often, allowing me to see what's on the other side of the door, if I choose to look. It takes awareness, and - thankfully - it only took me an hour or so to reflect back and become aware of that automated response, how effectively it keeps me from the things I want, and to shift the energy around that habitual thinking.

In pondering that automatic response, I realized that I view money issues completely differently than I view love issues. For some people it's just the opposite. You might be one of them! Maybe you have plenty of money but love seems to elude you. For me, it's the opposite, and it goes like this: I never concern myself about the love that surrounds me. I know, deep in my heart, that my husband, my kids, my family, my friends, and my pets love me deeply. Nothing they do shakes that belief in me. It simply doesn't matter to me what they say or what they do, I never question the love that I hold for them or the love that they hold for me. Simply not an issue. There is always "enough love" in my life. But with money, I question it all the time.

Questions pop into my head about money constantly .. like "can I afford that?" "did I earn that?" "do I deserve that?" "how will I pay for that?" I tend to have the same judgements about others "how do they afford that?" "did they earn that?" "do they deserve that?" It's almost insidious how often I am aware of money, generally the lack thereof. Yet I never question love. In my life, love is, money (for more than what I consider the essentials), generally isn't.

Clearly a shift in belief about who I am regarding money is in order! When I can see money flowing to me as automatically and absolutely as love flows to me, money will no longer be an issue. Does it matter where, when or how I got into this lopsided relationship with money? Not to me! All that matters is that I become aware of my habits of thought as they occur, and consciously shift my thinking until I see the manifestation in physical reality of that shift. I don't doubt the process, and I hope you don't either. It takes diligence, but the rewards are great.

Soo .. who are you? Can it even be defined? Maybe the question would better be asked .. Who do you want to be? .. and how will you become that?

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