The Importance of Being Aware of Your Focus

Imagine what would happen in the world if millions of people began to focus on what is right instead of what is wrong? You can be one of those millions today -- trust that this makes a difference. Your light and focus does matter. It will change your life, and your world.

~ Selacia, Council of 12
It seems like such a simple thing - Abraham talks about it all the time - focusing on what we want and not on what we don't want. But old habits die hard, and focusing on what's "wrong" instead of what's "right", focusing on what we don't want instead of what we do want (both personally and globally) is so ingrained in us that it takes an extraordinary effort of will and intent to focus on where we want to be, not where we've been.

We all know how important our thoughts are, and it becomes more and more obvious every day. So it becomes more and more important that we use our will and intent to continually re-focus our attention where we want it, not where we are necessarily used to putting it, or where it automatically goes. The power resides within each of us as individuals, in the moment, not in what we've been told or even in what we've experienced. None of that is present in the Now moment, all of that is brought into the present moment by us, by our memories, beliefs, and habits of thought. It's so simple! but not necessarily easy .. it does take determination! But the rewards are ever so sweet, and we have each experienced our power of choice in just such a way.

Along those lines is another reminder from Selacia, one that I think is particularly important as more and more new Masters are being born on planet Earth. We who have been here for a couple decades or more are in a bit of a precarious position. We're being asked to interact with our young ones in ways that we weren't interacted with. So we have to not only unravel our own training and habits, but do that while being responsible for bringing up our children differently, as if we'd already achieved that unraveling. This is, and has been, the goal for all of us.

But in our day-to-day efforts to negotiate the path of our third density lives, we tend to forget that there's so much more going on. We tend to forget that our children are great great beings in tiny little bodies .. as are we. We made an agreement (if not consciously, on other levels of being) to protect and guide these young ones in the ways of physical reality as they grow, while not stripping them of their multi-dimensional power - as was done with us. It is indeed a challenge to be the ones responsible to "cut the cord" of old thinking, training, and beliefs. But it's a task that we are fully capable of, as we continually work to consciously focus on what we want rather than what old beliefs and old habits have taught us.

Here's what Selacia had to say:

Shifting Your Source of Validation

... Consider for a moment your [need for] outside validation, and remind yourself of times when you still feel more comfortable seeking validation from others. Allow your own higher self to join you in a further exploration of how to liberate yourself from approval seeking. When you begin to recognize the patterns of approval seeking in relationships and your personal health, it is then useful to monitor similar patterns that may exist in other areas of your life. These areas include your work and your involvement in organizations.

As you perform your work, consider the times when you compare yourself with others to gauge your performance, success, or worthiness. For example, perhaps you measure your performance relative to how your colleagues or competitors are doing. You may think that you are greater than or lesser than others depending upon your salary, your title, and your ranking within your work environment. For example, a seminar leader may view success in terms of how many attend seminars, or based upon how much money is made. List some of your own work-related comparisons and a few of the ways they affect:

- your choices about work
- your negative self-talk
- your detours into nonproductive areas
- your motivation to be the best that you can be.
- your desire and tendency to seek approval from others

These patterns of comparison are established in your early training. At home, children learn to compare themselves with siblings and with other children. With such comparisons and other societal conditioning, young children begin to lose their inner connection with spirit, and hence inner knowing. They begin to doubt their own truth, and to seek validation from others around them.

~ Selacia and The Council of Twelve
As you're observing your own need for validation from others, have the intent to simply observe, without judgement. Judgement is never coming from Higher Self, but always from the voices within that we decided - for whatever reason at whatever time - to listen to. As we interact with our children, we become those voices in their heads. Is that what we want to do? Or do we instead want our children to question authority - even ours - and listen instead to their own internal guidance? As we continue to drop our own need for outside validation, we are less prone to force - accidentally or on purpose - the same validation on our children. In this way, the whole world - and all of the multi-verse - benefits.

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