Compassion with Wisdom

Let a man know academics to the max; let him know all the lists; let him wallow in the years of training. But if he does not have compasion, he is just a small noise in the wind of life... and has learned very little about God.

~ Kryon, from The Secret to Mastery, May 2010
Have you noticed how many things are happening globally that are awakening compassion in the masses? Maybe you are one of many who are feeling, deep in your heart and in your soul, a crying out for an end to humanity's suffering, or indeed to all suffering in all kingdoms on earth. It's a vital step in the evolution of consciousness that compassion be embraced as a way of life.

When compassion is touched in a human heart it can cause great emotional pain. But it doesn't have to. Just above the painful feelings that arise when our compassion is touched is another type of compassion. We call it compassion with wisdom, and in this compassion there is no pain. There is understanding that what is unfolding is perfect in every way, that the event was orchestrated with purpose. That those that need to feel the pain will do so, as a way to open the door to compassion. But once the door is opened, the pain can be released.

Compassion with wisdom is an awareness that, from the outside, can look like a lack of caring. It can look like you don't care because you may "feel" nothing at all. Nothing could be further from the truth. You actually do feel something, but rather than pain what you "feel" is a deep abiding understanding that all is well, no matter how it appears. Compassion with wisdom is the ability to see beyond pain into the reality of the event. Compassion with wisdom is a paradox, a contradiction between appearances and reality. Only you can know what you are experiencing, and that's an important point - being strong in your own knowing that you are experiencing not a lack of caring, but a deeper, more profound understanding of caring.

Humanity has suffered enough, the time of suffering is past. Know that suffering is simply a way to open the door to compassion, and once opened, we can let suffering go. Use it to begin to see events from a higher perspective. One person standing above the fray with wisdom allows others to do the same, even if that person says nothing at all. Letting pain and sadness go is a service you provide first to your Self, yes, but it has far-reaching implications for all of life on Planet Earth.

So if an event grabs you in the heart, has you reeling in emotional pain or agony, just notice. Don't dismiss the feeling if it's there, feelings are real. Your feelings are real. So feel what you feel .. then let it go. Allow the pain and/or sadness to be transmuted by grounding it into the earth or releasing it into the ethers. Simply breath and allow the pain to subside.

Your willingness not to dwell in the painful feeling is what allows it to be transmuted, and transmuted not just for you but for others. Once in a place of calm, if you are inspired to action, then act - you will likely find that you have been inspired to action for something rather than against something - and that can make all the difference!

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