Don't Let The Turkeys Get You Down

It is no secret that in current times people are finding it increasingly difficult to remain centered, focused and positive as a result of constant negativity and fear based energies bombarding us. The Collective Unconscious is oozing darkness making it challenging to determine what is our own stuff and what is collective fear. The new energies are exposing these negative issues in an attempt to break down the old ways of the mundane world so as to empower and motivate us to rise above the obsolete ways of living life and learning our lessons. This, however, is not an easy process often leaving us feeling tired, confused, and frustrated as we attempt to wade our way through 3D sludge and find our path to freedom.

On the positive side, we have an awesome opportunity to once and for all rise above our old patterns and discover ways to free ourselves from past programming and reinvent ourselves in previously impossible ways. We are realizing things about ourselves and life in general, which in the past we sidestepped due to the fear of facing our shadow and acknowledging, that in fact, by facing our fears, in the long run leaves us feeling more self-aware and better equipped to manage ourselves and our lives during these times of accelerated change.
"... as we attempt to wade our way through 3D sludge ..." Wow. Powerful words that have great meaning for me personally at this time, maybe so for you as well. I've been "struggling" through an incredible mess created by a mistake made by one of our insurance companies. One day they own up to their error and are willing to fix it, and the next it's as if they never heard of me and my issue before, and are adamant they are right. Maintaining center and balance has been difficult, and I must say that it's a battle I haven't been winning.

The above, which is this week's message from Michelle Eloff at TheLightweaver.org helps me realize it isn't just me, and that maintaining my center and balance as this issue is resolved is all there is to do. I find that as I've tried to attain justice for the wrongs that have been inflicted through this error, I've gotten wound up in my own drama.

Getting mired in drama never helps, and mired in drama I have been. Which means I've been giving away my power, which not only isn't helpful, it isn't my typical way of being. It's amazing to me to see how much this one small issue has taken over the rest of my life. The vast majority of my life is wonderful, yet I'm allowing this one injustice to ooze into and affect other areas of my life. Upset can be like that - if we don't reign it in it can negatively impact a lot of other areas of our life.

With these new insights I'm more resolved than ever to follow my heart toward a solution and allow things to unfold as they do. This is a challenge I am more than up to, as it is helping me break up patterns of behavior that have run my life. Bring it on, Universe!

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