Do You Do Too Much?

It's an interesting question, "Do you do too much?"

When I ask that question of people, typically they smile a little and say "yeah" kind of sheepishly or apologetically, then immediately follow with some kind of "but .." But I have to .. but I have responsibilities .. but things won't get done if I don't do them .. but they need me .. but I have all these goals .. but this has to be done .. but but but.

In his article about feeling a loss of passion, Jim Self asks: "If we are truly doing our work, happily on our path, we would be filled with energy, passion, light and enthusiasm. Right?"

In his article he's talking specifically about people doing spiritual healing/teaching who feel their passion diminishing or even disappearing, but the question really applies to all of us. If we aren't feeling passionate, happy, fulfilled, in whatever moment we are experiencing, something is clearly out of alignment.

Sometimes things are out of alignment because we don't know or aren't clear about what it is we want, and sometimes it's because we're taking things on that don't belong to us - things that aren't really our responsibility, things that we are doing not out of true choice, but out of duty, obligation, or habit, or things that can wait but we've decided for whatever reason that they can't. Perhaps it's time to re-examine what we are choosing to do in any given moment, and why.

In the rest of his article (below), Jim gives us some suggestions for how to determine if something we're about to take on is "outside our bandwidth" and if it is, how to bring ourselves back.

What is your job anyway?

As this Great Shift into higher awareness occurs, you must distinguish between what is your job and what isn't. By diving head-first into this 3D game you have volunteered to contribute a very unique, specialized piece of the puzzle. The puzzle is called Adding to All-That-Is.

Please notice the difference between “one piece of the puzzle” vs taking on the entire puzzle. The latter is a huge job; the former a bit more do-able. The heart surgeon has a very specialized talent and doesn’t even consider opening a general practice. A successful plumber recognizes her art and doesn't also try to become an electrician.

Unlike the specialized surgeon, however, many of us have been taking it ALL on. Whatever and whomever crosses our path, we engage with it - in the spirit of contribution and helping others.

Your enthusiasm, your passion and drive to contribute have opened a door through which all people in need are passing and standing before you to be healed and helped. Perhaps your job entails just one area of focus, not everything you are asked to do. Perhaps also - you can say "no thank you" now and again. All of these broken, lost and wanting spirits are not a match to you. Every person and every issue isn't your job to help. It isn't possible to do It-All and remain happy and healthy and connected to Creator.

None of us can do It-All and stay aligned with who we truly are. You came into 3D to contribute within only a very specific bandwidth*. Within that bandwidth lies your purpose, your passion and your well being. Identifying and serving within that bandwidth is your job. That is your only job.

Your bandwidth is one radio station playing clearly the music you love. Not all of the stations. Sure - two dozen stations broadcast to your home, but there is only one that is in true alignment with who you are. Maybe two. The jazz station and NPR. Not the Latino station or country or the hits from the 70's, Not Frank Sinatra or Christian broadcasting. Just jazz and NPR. The rest is noise. Perhaps you enjoyed those stations at one point, but now it is noisy. And that noise is wearing many people down because they are trying to tune into all the stations, all the time, all at once.

When you identify and focus only upon what pleases YOU, you will be happy and available to contribute your very best to the people and tasks within your bandwidth - allowing all the others to tune into a radio station that better matches their energy.

A Tool to Discern Your Bandwidth:

Imagine a gauge (0-100) and ask yourself these questions as new and current projects and people step into your life.

If the number that pops up isn't higher than 90, consider stepping away from it and therefore allowing more of what IS in alignment to enter your life. Just let the number pop up - no analyzing allowed.

1. How much fun is this project/person?

2. How good does this make me feeeeel in my body?

3. How aligned is this to my personal bandwidth, really?

As you play with this tool, know that even if the person or project scores high today - that doesn't mean you must keep it in your life forever. These are most important times of Shift and transition. What is true today may not be true tomorrow. Allow yourself and your passion to evolve.

You are big, not small. You are significant, not insignificant. You have a very important piece to play as the healer, teacher, leader you came here to be. BE who you came here to be.

Jim Self is an international teacher, speaker and author. He has been a leader in the field of spiritual development for over 27 years. He offers us the Tools of Mastering Alchemy as a Way of Life. This work is co-created with the Archangels, Ascended Masters and Teachers of Light. Free DVD and Free Tele-classes are available.

Jim presents free local evening classes and a weekend seminar ‘Creating the Personal Power Field’ across North America. www.MasteringAlchemy.com

* Note that Jim did not say we are each here to "do only one thing". He said we are each here to "contribute within a very specific bandwidth". A lot of different activity can be fit into a bandwidth, if we can get clear about what that bandwidth is.

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