Learning to Distinguish Energy

As we move forward with the shift in consciousness, it becomes apparent that many, if not all of us to some degree, are empathic in nature. Which simply means that we "feel" the energy of others, both physical and non-physical, including the energy of animals, trees, and even inanimate objects. It can be difficult for all of us, whether you consider yourself to be empathic or not, to discern which energy belongs to us and which does not.

If you're feeling inundated with feelings, confused or overwhelmed, first take a moment to breathe. Breathe in deeply for a moment or two, until you begin to feel a bit settled. Then ask yourself "how did I feel a few moments ago?" If a few moments ago you were calm, or happy, or joyful, or just content, ask yourself what happened in the last few moments that caused a shift in your feelings? Did someone come into the space around you who was previously not there? Did you witness an event that caused the shift? Did you overhear a conversation?

Be aware that you may not ever be able to specify what caused an emotional shift. All of us, and particularly those with strong empathic leanings, can pick up energy that hangs around in an environment, especially very strong energy that has not been transmuted or released. Even sitting down at a table in a restaurant where an argument has taken place recently can lead to feelings of upset or agitation.

The point is to begin to be aware of energy that does not belong to you - to recognize it and release it. It's difficult enough to manage all the different energies that affect us based on our own actions and beliefs, let alone that of others that we aren't even aware of!

Of course if there are "good" energies about that help us feel complete, happy, content, etc, we don't much need to worry if those are our feelings or not. We can just enjoy the good feelings and continue on our merry way.

But when the energies surrounding us are confusing, upsetting, or in any way deterring us from the good feelings that we are entitled to, it's worth determining if they are truly our feelings, or if we're getting caught up in energies that don't belong to us. If the energies are truly ours, it's worth recognizing that we can shift out of them, just with our intent to do so. If they are energies that don't belong to us, we can easily release them, without upset and without anger - simply wish the energy well and let it go. Remind yourself that you are the master of your own self and your own space, and you don't need to take upon yourself any energy that you do not wish.

Jim Self in his Mastering Alchemy program, offers some simple yet powerful tools for managing our personal energy field. His site contains a lot of free articles, and free audio material, including his Essential Energy Tools, which is a sub-set of his paid program of Mastering Alchemy Level 1. Very useful and interesting stuff if you're struggling to keep yourself unbound by the energy of others.

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