Influencing Reality

My husband and I had a conversation this morning. He teased about wishing something for me (it was not too kind of a wish, which is typical as he always enjoys goading people, me most of all ;)) and I said “You can’t create in my reality.” To which he replied “Oh yes I can.”

He understands the Law of Attraction and You Create Your Own Reality, even if he doesn’t always follow those concepts or believe them to be true in all circumstances. So I understood what he meant. He meant that he can influence my reality by saying something or doing something, and once I’ve accepted that influence, the result looks no different from him actually creating in my reality. It’s a deception that humanity is slowly waking up to. I instantly saw what he was up to and responded “You can influence my reality, yes. But not create in it.” He laughed, knowing that we both got the point he was trying to make.

Remembering that my reality can be influenced, if I allow it to be, lets me see that what anyone says about me or to me that has any kind of strong emotional reaction—whether I consider that reaction to be good or bad—is simply an indicator of one or more beliefs that I hold. If I find that I’m empowered by a comment, I don’t need to do anything, aside from appreciate the other and myself for another wonderful opportunity to feel good. If I find myself hurt by a comment, it tells me I still have some beliefs that don’t serve me, which means to me that the point of upset could use some examination. Not recrimination, not remorse, not guilt, but examination pure and simple.

If I’m truly aware of an unwanted influence, I start digging a little bit to see where the hurt is coming from, what in the comment was upsetting. That invariably leads to awareness of beliefs that I hold that don’t serve me. When I see a belief I hadn't seen before, or when I see that my reaction is just the result of some habitual way of thinking based on old beliefs that I used to hold, then I can laugh about it and appreciate again what a magnificent mirror people are for me.

What I found most interesting in our short playful conversation was the reminder that we can allow others to influence our creations, or not. We can allow that influence to be toward things that work for us or toward things that do not. But in all cases, we allow or disallow the influence.

Do you want to create what you want, or do you want to continue to create what others think you should want? It’s bad enough that we have our own beliefs, our own ‘already-always thinking’ that doesn’t always bring us the happiness we say we want, accepting someone else’s judgement can really put us off our game.

As you travel the path of discovery of who you really are, even the influence of ‘good’ judgments from others begin to fade away. Eventually you find yourself able to stand in any judgement—which is just duality in full swing—and not be affected by it. You think I’m nice? Wonderful! That says more about you than me. You think I’m beautiful? Fabulous! That says more about you than it does about me. Yay for you for being able to see that in me, because what you see in me is simply the reflection of what is there to be seen in you! It’s an amazing and wonderful system, one that always works to our benefit.

What you come to realize more and more, and more and more deeply, is that you can get to a place where you know who—and what—you are so profoundly that nothing anyone says truly penetrates, influences you in any way. You don’t need it to. You can simply allow those around you to do what they do, say what they say, be who they are, and it doesn’t influence you in any way—unless you want it to.

You come to realize more and more that you, in your individuality are so very important to All That Is! You come to realize more and more that you are the perfect expression of god experiencing Itself as you. You come to realize more and more that each of us is that—our own individual expression of god experiencing Itself as each of us. How could it be any other way? Why would we want it to be?

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