Children are Extensions of Source Too

It’s an interesting thing in our society, how we keep seeking the answers to how to take care of our children. We spend enormous amounts of time and energy trying to answer that question. Countless number of books, classes, and seminars have been developed to help us know what is the right thing to do, because we desperately need to know what is the right thing to do.

We do all this for the best of reasons, because we love our children—and by extension all children—and we only want the very best for them. Whatever suffering we’ve done in our lives, whatever hurt we’ve endured, we want them to suffer less and have to endure less. Whatever joy and love and adventure and excitement we’ve experienced in our lives, we want them to experience multiple times more love, more joy, more adventure and more excitement.

In other words, whatever negative aspects we attribute to our lives, we want our children—all children—to experience those things to a lesser degree, and hopefully not at all. Whatever positive experiences we’ve had in our lives we want them to experience more of. We do this with the best of intentions. We do all this with love and goodness in our hearts.

And yet—and this may be a difficult thing to hear and even harder to swallow—in wanting these things for our children, we sometimes do them a disservice. How can that be? How can it be that in wanting the very best in every situation for our children, we might be doing them a disservice? Because our children are, as we are, extensions of Source Energy. Sparks of God. Consciousness that took form in a human body in order to experience life as a human being.

It’s being said by many spiritual teachers that no one knows better what’s right for you than you do, because no one has access to the guidance from your Inner Being that you do. What that means is that each of us had a plan for our lives before we birthed on Earth, before we entered into this game of being Spirit pretending to be human.

Because of the nature of the game, the nature of duality, we forgot that we are Spirit. Our Inner Being is that part of us that remembers. Our Inner Being speaks to us through our emotions, through intuition and inspiration, and there isn’t anyone who can hear that call louder or more clearly than we can. It’s simply a matter of remembering that we are Spirit first, that we only adopted a body and a mind in order to experience a finite life on a finite planet. All there is to do is be open to hearing the call.

Our children are no different. Each and every child on earth is an extension of their own Source Energy. Each has their own Inner Being who remembers, even though they may have forgotten, what plan they had when they birthed here, what overall experiences they wanted to have. Children need us to tend to their physical needs of living on the planet until such time as they can do so themselves, but they don’t need us to make all of their decisions for them. They need us to allow them listen to the call of their Inner Being, and to respect that they are doing just that.

Mother birds, if you observe them, appear to be cruel and hard-hearted. They feed their babies, love them, nurture them, and provide care and cover. And then, in what some feel is an unfathomable turn-about of cruelty, one day that loving, nurturing, caring mother shoves, not so gently, shoves, not so gently, shoves their babies out of the nest. Not all the babies survive. Most of them spread their wings and fly, others don’t make it. Some hit the ground hard, and don’t survive the crash.

Some humans think this is cruel. Others think it’s not cruel because mother birds are driven by nature and that makes it tolerable. But even those people won’t give the same leeway to human parents, because we think that as humans we need to be always watchful, always aware of what they're doing, making choices for them so they don’t suffer the same consequences in life that we did, or that others have.

It’s a hard thing to get one’s mind around, but we are not doing our children any favors by telling them how to live their lives. They have an Inner Being that remembers what they are up to whether they consciously know it or not. They have the same guidance from emotions, intuition, and insight that you do. In fact, they haven’t been exposed to as much mass consciousness and misunderstanding from society as we adults have, so they haven’t forgotten as much as we have. And because of the overall shift in consciousness, they come to earth with innate abilities that we, who’ve been here since before the time of shift, have to work to achieve. In a very real sense, if anything, they are in a better position to be guiding us than we are in guiding them!

Next time you hear something profound from a child, something that makes you grin and think ‘out of the mouth of babes’ try listening as if that knowledge were coming from a very wise old soul instead of a tiny helpless child. Because, dear friend, it is.

Tell not your children that they are imperfect and must strive to be better.

Tell your children that they are free to follow their hearts desire, that the world is their playground, that there is no reason they need to choose suffering, and that the purpose of their lives is to love all aspects of its experience.

~ Story Waters

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