Regarding "Believe It Or Not..." and "It Is Done"

Regarding "Believe It Or Not..." and "It Is Done" many feel some rendition of the following:

"But... but... I don't see anything different. Nothing's happening!"

Consider the diligent, focused, energy and effort that seeds expend beneath the surface before we ever see them appear as visible plants.

Apply that knowing. The clues are there.

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Choose it, whatever "it" is for you, and welcome it into your reality. Allow no contrary thoughts to dissuade you. If you find yourself being dissuaded, state your choice again. And again. Keep choosing!

"I release myself from the stories of my past.

I redefine what is possible by the frequencies I choose to embody in this moment."

From The Process > Recalibration, by Wendy Kennedy.

Find the clues that support your desires. Follow them. They are like sparkling gems leading you to where you want to be. Ignore what doesn't fit; what doesn't fit is only there as a choice-point. You have free will. You don't have to choose it. You can say "Cancel that!"

Stay conscious. Stay focused.

Start playing the new game in your heart and in your life .. then watch in wonder and amazement as it takes form around you.

I love you!

💙 💙 💙


For those of you who cannot find a place in your heart to see Donald J Trump as involved in the "clean up" of the corruption in this world, I ask you this: Would you rather be right in what you have come to believe, or would you rather actually experience a world that works for everyone, with no one and nothing left out? Consider.

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