💙 It Is Done! 💙

Whether you understand it or not, whether you agree with it or not, whether you even realize it or not, this country, this world, this planet, this Universe is forever changed today. If you are one who wished for "a world that works for everyone, with no one and nothing left out" today you have gotten your wish. Know it, feel it, celebrate it! This has been EONS in the making!

Note: Additional confirmation received March 1, 2018, see Upcoming Shifts, A Message From Sophia And One


Many have seen, and continue to see, what has been transpiring on this planet as a war of "good" versus "evil". That "war" was never a war. It always and ever was a game, designed, developed, written, played, and produced by aspects of Source, to know Itself/Themselves/Ourselves better.

This always was a Universal game, though much of it was played out on the gameboard of planet Earth .. at least that's all most of us emobdied on Earth could see. That inability to see beyond was part of the agreement.

What "appeared" to be human-only involved all races and non-races throughout Source's Universe. There was, and is, Universal agreement to have a "time limit" to the game. It was created to be ended, and safeguards were put in place to ensure that the end would come.

Not all chose to hold to that agreement - so lost had they/we become in their/our various roles. Many desired to continue playing past the agreed-upon end-game.

But .. that game has finally ended. NOW is the time of unmasking. Unmasking all from the roles that all have played. Unmasking all so that we can - all of the beings in Source's Universe - design, create, and play the new game, whatever that turns out to be.

Unmask yourself first; remember that you are so much more than you realize! You came into this embodiment to accomplish this ending. To be a part of it and to experience it. YOU did it. Is that not cause great congratulations, appreciation, and celebration?!

After you've unmasked yourself, begin unmasking all the players and their roles. Realize, for once and for all, that you had big parts to play in ALL SIDES of the game, whether or not in your current embodiment you remember this. You wanted to know all sides of game play as much as anyone else. You have NOT been a bit player. None of us have. Allow yourself to remember!

Remember this too: There are no - zero, none, zilch, nada - good guys and bad guys here, other than inside the game itself. Stand outside the game to understand that. View what "was" as discovery for ALL aspects of Source to know Itself/Themselves/Ourselves at levels not possible before the "game" was created.

Remember who YOU ARE! YOU are an aspect of Source, with full powers of creation, illusion, and delusion .. but also of clarity and purpose. So are we all. We all, as aspects of Source, created this game together. We gave it a beginning and an end. Now is the end. All that's left to do is finish the closing and cleanup.

The Document That Ended It All

As you read the document referenced below you might ask, "How is it possible that one human being could wield so much power and knowing?" It seems incomprehensible!

But know this .. Heather knows who she is, in all her aspects, embodiments, and non-corporeal forms. She brings that awareness to all of her actions in physical, not just on this planet but universally, through all of her embodiments. She isn't held back by the single physical embodiment known as Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf. She also isn't the only one who knows who she BE, and moves throughout the Universe with that knowing. Many many do. More than you can imagine, especially if you're not one of them. (But you will be!) She's just the one who spear-headed the DOing to bring this game to a close.

Heather's role at end-game was to be the visible one, as mentioned above, the spearhead. She has played that part magnificently, from researching and finally foreclosing on the fraudulent systems in 2012, through to NOW when the game has been ended.

There are uncountable trillions of beings (you among them, whether you realize that or not) that pulled together to end this game .. peacefully. That HAS been accomplished, and the document referenced below spells out how the end was achieved.

Read With Your Heart

Hopefully the above will give you more background to be able to understand what's being put forth in the document referenced below. If not, simply feel into it as you read. Then sit awhile with what you feel, realize, KNOW that it is the piece that ends the game forevermore, never to be played again.

If you aren't familiar with the "unexpected event" that got Heather and Randy arrested, there's plenty of information on the i-uv website, by searching the internet (and on this blog) to fill you in. You don't really need to know, but the information is there if you care to know.

Hallelujah .. we did it, one and ALL!

Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf on Facebook, in the late hours of January 22, 2018:

my complete gratitude and love to ALL

POTUS safe now

all perpetrators exposed now

in joy!!!

ALL made this moment done



Video that helps explain the document:

Quantum Playground: #HATJ #POTUS : “Universal Clean Up” & “Universal Backdoor”

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