How the Elite Stay in Power

The video in the following article (thanks to Brian Kelly for bringing it to my awareness) tells us what we already know but don't want to accept: that we aren't really being controlled by one or more elite groups of private individuals (what many call the cabal or dark hats) though it very much appears that way.

What's really going on is that we are complying with the rule set developed by those individuals. We do so out of lack of awareness, out of habit (what we learned/were taught), and out of fear.

Sometimes awareness is all that's needed to dissolve the habits and the fear. Sometimes it's not. When it's not, due diligence is needed to work through one's fear.

What do we fear? Just about anything ... and everything. The fears are as many and varied as there are individuals holding fear. Many fears don't even seem like fear, they just seem like "the way it is."

The truth is, nothing has to be the way that it is, no matter how much it appears that way. Change - rapid or even instantaneous - is possible, and it's not that difficult.

In all cases the same is true: Lose your fear and you can no longer be controlled. Lose your fear and gain your freedom.

How the Elite Stay in Power

By Brian Kelly

December 31, 2014

Love the simplicity in the message of this video. It is our compliance the gives the system power. The answer: STOP COMPLYING WITH THE SYSTEM. It's that easy. When enough know this is all it takes, the system that enslaves humanity will come falling down like a house of cards. I hope this video and others like it go viral. These are the tools needed to awaken the masses. The facade is crumbling down all around us. Knowledge is power. Awareness is key. BUT, it must be followed through with Action. It doesn't have to be a bloody battle. Time to Unite & re-claim the power that was, is and always has been rightfully ours. ~BK

When you lose the fear that keeps you complying, complying won't even be an issue. You simply won't do it. Not out of anger, upset, revenge, retribution, or anything else, but simply because you don't choose it.

When enough of us reach that place, the whole world will shift, immediately and instantaneously.

Until that happens, all we can do is create our individual reality in non-compliance mode, and hold space for our fellow human beings to do the same. As Ghandi is famously quoted as saying "BE the change you want to see."

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