This Is Not The End, This Is The Beginning

Helpful reminders from Victoria through our friends April and Allen Crawford at Inner Whispers.

Upon Waking Each Day...

Upon waking each day, be sure to decide that whatever occurs will be an adventure. In the linear, there are moments that one would define as unusual. To have the opportunity to explore that unknown territory is indeed a gift.

As soon as your eyes open, breathe in the life you are creating. Place your feet upon the floor and boldly begin the walk through your day. Being an energy that moves through risky, often thick physical environments can feel awkward if you are hoping for a calm easy run.

You came into the physical for experience. Know that that experience can have many layers of texture. By being bold while expecting the adventure, you are being the person you intended to be.

Leave fear at the door and walk into the life you are creating. Be positive in the face of negativity. Be sure when you start to feel uneasy. See the beauty in the most uncomfortable moments.

The outcome of any situation is uncertain until you make the decision of how you intend to handle it. There is only victim-hood if you decide so.

Stand up and embark upon this adventure called "Your Life". It might not be easy at first, but with focus, it is easily attainable.

The journey is what you believe it is. Decide that the adventure begins now and move through it with assurance. You come from a powerful position. Maintain it while living it."


Our world seems to be spinning out of control. Is this a true sign of the beginning of the end? Or just our energy adjusting until we settle back into a more positive state of being?


Dear Carla,

There is a raising of consciousness occurring in your reality. It can be considered a "clean up" of negativity.

As in any dirty space, when one begins to clean it up, there is always a momentary feeling of how difficult the clean up is going to be. However, if one moves through those thoughts, one usually finds great comfort in knowing the beauty of the space beneath all the dirt and grime.

Likewise, your world is going through a clean up. It will take a bit of linear time to complete the process. The final perspective of the space will be wondrous for all. There is great beauty and higher awareness under the current grime.

Be patient.

It is not the end, but the beginning.

When things aren't going the way we wish they were, it's helpful to remember "All is well in all of creation and all is well with me."

If we say it often enough, we begin to believe it. And as we begin to believe it, so our world begins to reflect it. Take comfort in the fact that it is absolutely true, every day in every way, no matter how things look on the surface. The world that awaits is more vast and beautiful than anything we can currently imagine. Start imagining!

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