Moving Disclosure Forward

Since our governments aren't taking their responsibility to announce the very real truths that our star brothers and sisters are here in our skies and already helping to clean up our planet, lightworkers around the world are taking matters in their own hands - our own hands! - and bringing forward this truth. The Galactics have not been able to announce themselves (though they have taken a much greater visible presence in our skies), as too many of us are still mired in fear of their presence. Before first contact can occur we need to address and release that fear. So it is up to those of us who know better to inform and support the rest as they awaken to these truths.

World governments and certain big business interests - including those who control our mainstream media - have known of the presence of our star brothers and sisters for a very long time. Rather than share this information with the rest of us, they have instead condemned those who would speak of it, lumping these truths into "conspiracy theories", all the while using "alien" (off-world) technologies for their own purposes. These technologies could have freed our world and each other years ago, but instead were used to perpetuate war and hatred among us, with greed and power as the base motivation. We have trusted in the untrustworthy for too long, it's time for this crucial information to be brought out into the open.

Here forthwith is a video created by the contributors and editors of The 2012 Scenario called "I Know My Galactic Family Is Here, Do You? (UFO Disclosure)". Feel free to pass this video along to everyone you know who might benefit - hopefully embrace! - this revelation. For some it is going to be difficult to accept, but accept they will as more and more human beings stand up and say "yes, the Universe is filled with sentient beings, and we are among them."

As a starseed myself and Ambassador of Truth from Arcturus, I welcome this push toward disclosure. "No more secrets, no more lies" as Steve Rother and the group like to say! A new and wonderful life awaits all of us. And frankly, it's about time! I know my galactic family is here, do you? I know that they have nothing but our best interests at heart, and are looking forward to assisting us in creating the New Earth. I know further that in truth, we are them. :) Enjoy!

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